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Ohio PASSS? anonymousAbuse and power: is this Attachment Therapy?8 years 5 weeks
Westerners/Americans you amaze me! anonymousGuatemalan Children In Limbo of Orphanages7 years 42 weeks
Records anonymousBirth Hope Adoption Agency, Inc - Arizona7 years 46 weeks
kameron was murdered anonymousKameron Lee Bright (Moghaghab)7 years 45 weeks
About clip anonymousChild Torture Attachment Therapy Continues8 years 1 week
LDS SERVICES anonymousThird Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations7 years 33 weeks
Thank you for posting this anonymousSeymour Kurtz: an update7 years 38 weeks
think of all the disruptions anonymousWorking with outdated information7 years 35 weeks
BC Baby Injured in Care anonymousB.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate7 years 32 weeks
sick woman anonymousSpring Hill Woman Accused Of Child Abuse Faces Judge7 years 37 weeks
exactly my point as well anonymousThe Emperor strikes back: Pound Pup Legacy shut down over information about Ronald Federici8 years 10 weeks
Welcome back anonymousThe Emperor strikes back: Pound Pup Legacy shut down over information about Ronald Federici8 years 10 weeks
so sad anonymousChina - misc trafficking articles7 years 36 weeks
Friend of Couple frustrated and anonymousLet Christians adopt, Egypt baby trial lawyer says8 years 4 weeks
oh, the respite care anonymousCaring for The Wounded7 years 51 weeks
Thomas White anonymousMultimillionaire pedophile sought known haven8 years 4 weeks
I'm sick of hearing how anonymousWhat do you RAD folks think about this ?7 years 34 weeks
home schooling anonymousGet tough on home tuition to weed out abuse, says review7 years 46 weeks
hrc anonymousUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions7 years 33 weeks
this is news I like to hear anonymousFlorida Shifts Child-Welfare System’s Focus to Saving Families 7 years 39 weeks
Corruption anonymousNot for Profit?8 years 1 week
in reply to that question anonymousSexual Abuse - Sibling8 years 12 weeks
Adopted bee's in the Beehive state get dumped in Samoa anonymous'Send problem children to boarding schools'7 years 35 weeks
and the gov. take anonymousNo miracles for town that heeded adoption call8 years 4 days
More Mormon mucky mucky when it comes to Adoption anonymousFocus on Children's dubious affiliations7 years 32 weeks

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