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Scott and Karen Banks Focus on da bucks anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer5 years 20 weeks
Absurd and false. anonymousMasha Allen's attorney withdraws from case5 years 25 weeks
Not Believing This anonymousConecuh County couple charged in child abuse5 years 15 weeks
residential care anonymousTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey5 years 18 weeks
Dude, read with your eyes open anonymousSurrogate Wombs to Rent: "The Curious Lives of Surrogates"5 years 10 weeks
Corrupt anonymousOklahoma DHS Corruption5 years 14 weeks
Sinners All anonymousTherapeutic intervention in the Masha Allen case5 years 2 weeks
Unjust Society anonymousFaith J. Ray (Samantha Foster)5 years 3 weeks
Adoption Racketeering In Utah anonymousBirth parents' battle: Custody dispute is costly in money and emotion5 years 28 weeks
angry hurt & confused anonymous"My name is Kerry, and I'm an angry, hurt and confused adoptee"5 years 33 weeks
I was never adopted just left alone anonymousadoption hurts - truth ignored5 years 21 weeks
my son is in an RTC right now anonymousFact Sheet: Children in Residential Treatment Centers5 years 27 weeks
yea right anonymous$30M suit filed in death of boy5 years 5 weeks
I am Michelle Brau from anonymousThese boys deserve so much more than I can give them 5 years 12 weeks
My husband was adopted from Patras in 1959 anonymousMy Greek Adoption5 years 20 weeks
this article anonymousReactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding5 years 45 weeks
key issue anonymousCharities are ready to help swamped DOCS5 years 25 weeks
just because a person is anonymousThe orphan planes5 years 37 weeks
In most places more do anonymousStudy: 13.19% of Florida foster kids take psychiatric drugs5 years 15 weeks
Protection for Adoptive Families anonymousThe common response to abuse in adoptive families5 years 14 weeks
name change anonymousMia Depaillat5 years 7 weeks
I'm so sick of people anonymousNot for Profit?5 years 21 weeks
So you went to a RTC, and anonymousMy Kidnapping5 years 3 weeks
to go on about it anonymousThe legacy sexual abuse left me5 years 30 weeks
if no one made money anonymousThe orphan planes5 years 36 weeks

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