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Let Go...Let Peace Come In Foundation anonymousArchbishop told abuse victim to 'go to hell': report5 years 23 weeks
GA CPS anonymousDoes DFCS quota culture put young lives at risk?6 years 11 weeks
Question Of Identity -- American Adoptees Born In Korea Search F anonymousQuestion Of Identity -- American Adoptees Born In Korea Search For Their Cultural Roots In Second Homeland5 years 23 weeks
did they get and cash the sub check? anonymousWhat happened to Adam?6 years 2 weeks
Trash anonymousDo you embrace or reject RAD as a formal diagnosis?5 years 23 weeks
military and surrogacy (you obviously don't know much!) anonymousSurrogate Wombs to Rent: "The Curious Lives of Surrogates"5 years 28 weeks
How the Banks treat adopted children in their home anonymousIn the matter of the adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick - Affidavit by Heather Mons5 years 33 weeks
HELP anonymous"Take my daughter, please.... (in exchange for some cash, meat and beer)"5 years 41 weeks
Amy's blog anonymousNot for Profit?5 years 40 weeks
A place to call home at Christmas... anonymousAnd it came to pass...6 years 4 weeks
the other thing that really anonymousMadonna Plans to Adopt Fourth Child6 years 5 weeks
WTF???? anonymousCaregivers charged with holding 5 children, 2 adults in basement5 years 24 weeks
in good faith anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption5 years 19 weeks
To Far. anonymousYoung boys abused after being placed in foster care6 years 11 weeks
I don't think anyone with money fails... anonymousThe common response to abuse in adoptive families5 years 33 weeks
Dr. Ray Guarendi anonymousThird Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations5 years 20 weeks
bummer anonymousAbuse and power: is this Attachment Therapy?5 years 42 weeks
Depaillat changed last name to Davenport anonymousPhotos of re-creation displayed as evidence Doctor says injuries not consistent with fall down stairs5 years 26 weeks
Banks "A purpose was born" R U KIDDING ME? anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer5 years 32 weeks
Diane Garnick Story anonymousTeenage mother stages protest after son is given for adoption5 years 32 weeks
If the United States anonymousUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions5 years 20 weeks
Kerry, please anonymousMy Kidnapping5 years 22 weeks
my suggestions anonymousMy Kidnapping5 years 22 weeks
iwasnt moved place to place. anonymousChildren's Rights: Silent Voices5 years 24 weeks
I'm with the other anon guy anonymousGravelles finally in jail5 years 39 weeks

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