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How to build a cross KerryMarket Puts Price Tags on the Priceless7 years 21 weeks
Punishment KerryMass grave of up to 800 dead babies exposed in County Galway 1 year 4 weeks
Privacy, adoption law, and for the (bleeping) record KerryMaybe the media will make the mother of all adoption scams much bigger news7 years 9 weeks
Lyrics to go with the movement KerryModern-Day Child Migration7 years 21 weeks
under communist rule NielsMother reunited with daughter 38 years after she was stolen by the Stasi in former East Germany5 years 39 weeks
Innocenti - Florence LuluMoving History7 years 23 weeks
bitter-sweet relief neophyteMoving History7 years 25 weeks
My first finds NielsMoving History7 years 25 weeks
The Foundling Museum, London RobinMoving History7 years 23 weeks
read, digest, repeat KerryMuseum will show a dark point in Canadian history 5 years 42 weeks
My husband was adopted from Patras in 1959 anonymousMy Greek Adoption6 years 9 weeks
My name is Constantine, my tantacMy Greek Adoption4 years 32 weeks
Hi roula. I am a historian, AnonymousMy Greek Adoption3 years 39 weeks
Greek adoptee Lucile Lynn Boyer CatronMy Greek Adoption2 years 8 weeks
Sorry I didn't mean to insult you DeeMy Greek Adoption4 years 31 weeks
Searching for stolen twin born Nov 1979 Metera hospital Athens AnonymousMy Greek Adoption19 weeks 5 days
If someone knows that has KostantinosMy Greek Adoption6 years 32 weeks
Niece of a Lost uncle AnonymousMy Greek Adoption4 years 21 weeks
I just wanted to say I think anonymousMy Greek Adoption6 years 9 weeks
I was adopted from Greece, 1957; Joanna GiangardellaMy Greek Adoption4 years 32 weeks
Greek websites to help locate family members Efstathia MMy Greek Adoption3 years 35 weeks
stolen clindren from greece George 1My Greek Adoption4 years 29 weeks
Egion 1961 No problems.... tantacMy Greek Adoption4 years 31 weeks
making contact NielsMy Greek Adoption6 years 32 weeks
When was the boy born and given up in 1958 AnonymousMy Greek Adoption4 years 17 weeks

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