history of child placement - All comments list

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Too Murky KerrySurrogacy Scandal Raises Question About Regulation2 years 49 weeks
Celebrity interests KerryRicky Martin plans for Children Homes in Latin America3 years 6 weeks
A universal truth KerryMy Greek Adoption4 years 48 weeks
Family history, child placement and future generations KerryLiving with the legacy of care5 years 16 weeks
Appealing the courts KerryOrphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed6 years 2 weeks
Finding Justice in Adoptionland KerrySpain’s Baby-Snatching Scandal Focuses on Nun’s Alleged Role2 years 15 weeks
"You say 'tomayto', I say 'tomAHto'...." KerryShotgun Adoption3 years 23 weeks
Injustice in Adoptionland KerryWrongful Adoption2 years 38 weeks
According to other reports.... KerryHundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption'3 years 26 weeks
Punishment KerryMass grave of up to 800 dead babies exposed in County Galway 8 weeks 1 day
"Can you match this?" KerryA Broker in Babies5 years 2 weeks
Homes KerryUK Decoy Tactics6 years 29 weeks
Privacy, adoption law, and for the (bleeping) record KerryMaybe the media will make the mother of all adoption scams much bigger news6 years 13 weeks
The generation before KerryLiving with the legacy of care5 years 3 days
Quick references KerryChild Labor (featuring "Babies in the Mill" and "Dark as a Dungeon")5 years 9 weeks
How many times must it be repeated? KerryBindoon Boys Town: The sad truth behind Britain's lost children4 years 46 weeks
Most sickening, upsetting and disturbing KerryUK Decoy Tactics6 years 28 weeks
How to build a cross KerryMarket Puts Price Tags on the Priceless6 years 24 weeks
AH! You think? KerryChildren in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable5 years 14 weeks
Detachment KerrySearch and Recovery6 years 35 weeks
Serving the mentally ill -- in who's "best interest?" KerryMy Greek Adoption6 years 2 weeks
Mullan's harrowing tale KerryThe Magdalene Laundry5 years 22 weeks
Thank your local law-makers for the rights they choose KerryShotgun Adoption3 years 23 weeks
The importance of these films KerryIsland of the Lost Children - France4 years 41 weeks
"We had nothing to do with it" KerryBurned by a baby broker4 years 41 weeks

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