history of child placement - All comments list

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Sealed lips, records, and tombs KerryUK Decoy Tactics8 years 16 weeks
Orphanages and adoption agencies KerryBurned by a baby broker6 years 26 weeks
(not as pleasant) Adopted Experience KerryMy Greek Adoption5 years 23 weeks
The Case of the Missing Children KerryThousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants To Israel7 years 2 weeks
What does a government owe its people? KerryAustralia to apologise for child abuse under state care6 years 35 weeks
Problems with attachment and development KerryAdoption law revision draws fire4 years 6 weeks
Voices from the grave KerryJersey children's home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story7 years 40 weeks
It seems to be an ongoing theme KerryFarm of fear6 years 30 weeks
Ah, if I had a dime, for each time... KerryThe legacy of forced adoptions5 years 36 weeks
Of the devil KerryTeaching our children the ways of the world5 years 3 weeks
Understanding Closed Adoption KerrySetting the Record Straight7 years 1 week
"their" child KerryChildren trapped between supply and demand 4 years 45 weeks
The economy behind child placement KerryChild Migration: An Overview and Timeline7 years 10 weeks
Family history, child placement and future generations KerryLiving with the legacy of care7 years 3 weeks
Injustice in Adoptionland KerryWrongful Adoption4 years 26 weeks
Coverage from 4 Corners KerryApology 'owed' for forced adoptions 4 years 9 weeks
Directing all reproductive-right traffic... KerryEight Children Rescued from Traffickers 5 years 41 weeks
Syvret and his response.... KerrySenator arrested over data breach7 years 3 weeks
Entitlement KerryExposing Corruption in International Adoption4 years 21 weeks
This "brotherhood" reminds me of the Jersey Home KerryThe Christian Brothers, a legacy of horror7 years 40 weeks
"You say 'tomayto', I say 'tomAHto'...." KerryShotgun Adoption5 years 10 weeks
A Woman's War KerryTeaching our children the ways of the world5 years 2 weeks
"first-class education" KerryTHE WELFARE OF FORMER BRITISH CHILD MIGRANTS 7 years 15 weeks
Comments from the peanut-gallery... KerryWith friends like these, who wants ovaries?8 years 2 weeks
Sending the poor to feed the rich KerryReligious Influence6 years 34 weeks

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