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The basics KerryConsultation (England): Revising the National Minimum Standards (NMS) for Adoption, Children's Homes and Fostering7 years 4 weeks
"What's yours is yours and ours is ours" KerryLetters Lewis AND "Friends"8 years 14 weeks
Is the world better? KerryShotgun Adoption7 years 8 weeks
In related news... KerryBangalore's tragedy of migrant children 8 years 3 weeks
"We had nothing to do with it" KerryBurned by a baby broker7 years 1 week
'We lost the focus on emotional warmth' KerryChildren in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable7 years 26 weeks
War Babies, custody, and dual citizenship KerryWar baby granted German identity7 years 11 weeks
Real life KerryMy hospital stole my baby 6 years 25 weeks
History lesson KerryFears adoption could spark new Stolen Generation3 years 23 weeks
To whom it may concern.... KerryJersey Care Home of Horrors7 years 51 weeks
Detachment KerrySearch and Recovery8 years 47 weeks
Foreign v. Domestic KerryGuatemala: a baby factory no longer?6 years 44 weeks
Mullan's harrowing tale KerryThe Magdalene Laundry7 years 34 weeks
Economical spending KerryShotgun Adoption7 years 8 weeks
Unwanted realities behind a search-reunion story KerryWhere Did I Come From? Some Stolen Children Don't Want To Know.5 years 33 weeks
Abuse, in it's many forms KerryTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey7 years 39 weeks
Not enough research being done KerryLiving with the legacy of care5 years 2 weeks
[giggle] KerryBuried Secrets6 years 37 weeks
Unwritten rules KerryWhat was left of me - The Story7 years 33 weeks
For the record... KerryN.J. birth moms divided on bill that would open up adoption records5 years 23 weeks
Investigating the ghosts of the past KerryIrish Workhouse - Birr7 years 34 weeks
Orphanages and adoption agencies KerryBurned by a baby broker6 years 51 weeks
Recycling history? KerryChildren in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable7 years 26 weeks
The (not so) Positive Spin KerryThe Legacy of Church-run Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland6 years 13 weeks
More attention to the original subject KerryUK Decoy Tactics8 years 41 weeks

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