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FSCD to have separate legislation from that of child protection anonymousKevin Libin: Readers detail rarely-seen ugly side of child-protection agencies8 years 51 weeks
well anonymousA tale of two dads.... why birth certificates make me laugh!9 years 23 weeks
Amway Tool Scam anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption8 years 40 weeks
Focus on Children Scott and Karen Banks People Magazine anonymousA Dad's Adoption Nightmare8 years 50 weeks
thanks anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer9 years 3 weeks
Last question anonymousThe lies behind my adoption9 years 6 weeks
BOOT CAMP FOR KIDS: anonymousThe last resort9 years 9 weeks
Child Protection Abuse anonymousTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey9 years 20 weeks
Decorated his grave anonymousSONS TELL OF TIMES MRS. DIEHL STRUCK VICTIM, 138 years 43 weeks
private groups anonymousChildren in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable9 years 8 weeks
CALIFORNIA is the WORST STATE for CHILDREN anonymousRecords show prior complaints 8 years 41 weeks
whatever anonymousThe Emperor strikes back: Pound Pup Legacy shut down over information about Ronald Federici9 years 19 weeks
I was just going to send anonymousThe continuing foster care fiasco9 years 13 weeks
I just couldn't fine my old info anonymousMy Kidnapping8 years 43 weeks
to go on about it anonymousThe legacy sexual abuse left me9 years 18 weeks
maybe anonymousReactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding9 years 32 weeks
China -- what a mess anonymousChina Vows Action on Trafficking9 years 3 weeks
The Religious Right and Adoption anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption8 years 39 weeks
Media anonymousMasha Allen and the faith-based agenda9 years 6 weeks
Gabriel Myers anonymousGabriel Myers8 years 48 weeks
Teddy anonymousWhat do you RAD folks think about this ?8 years 42 weeks
"Tops." Tops 125. *sheepish* anonymousIs Federici Silencing The Adopted?9 years 16 weeks
my son from Missouri anonymousSome Texas foster kids' doctors have drug firm ties8 years 43 weeks
asked and answered anonymousChild abuse on the rise in Scotland9 years 29 weeks
More on this subject anonymousDo you embrace or reject RAD as a formal diagnosis?8 years 43 weeks

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