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tit-for-tat system NielsAdoption 'donations' encourage crime5 years 16 weeks
Cover-up claim over 'stolen' child's adoption Niels'Stolen babies' adoption racket8 years 5 weeks
Reading the report NielsMost 'orphans' have a living parent, says charity 6 years 43 weeks
2009 - 2007 = 3 Niels"Always wanted to adopt"7 years 2 weeks
Return, what return? NielsDNA tests provide first confirmation of stolen baby in troubled Guatemalan adoption system8 years 9 weeks
some thoughts NielsReviewing Jedd Medefind's response to "The Evangelical Adoption Crusade"5 years 21 weeks
speculation v reality NielsAre international adoption critics really wrong?7 years 1 week
privileges and rights NielsDuma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples3 years 13 weeks
Last resort NielsGuatemala: a baby factory no longer?6 years 40 weeks
Trying to remind you again NielsRemind me again, 5 years 48 weeks
Not for egomaniacs NielsDavid Banda's Dad: "Maybe He'd Be Better Off Back With Us" 7 years 49 weeks
re: how'd you do that? NielsChina's Stolen Children8 years 14 weeks
Inside information? NielsFor export only?9 years 11 weeks
under the age of five NielsAdapting to Mother's Day, After Adoption5 years 20 weeks
What's on the menu NielsPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US6 years 46 weeks
the usual spin NielsThe Most Vulnerable Citizens5 years 9 weeks
wholesale vs retail NielsCouple worries about $30k it paid adoption agency7 years 30 weeks
guaranteed delivery NielsSupernatural adoptions, and the depression that follows5 years 10 weeks
Contact request NielsAmrex aftermath?8 years 29 weeks
effectiveness NielsCOURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents 6 years 40 weeks
baby mill NielsEarthquake orphan appeal: Do not adopt earthquake orphans6 years 36 weeks
some perspective NielsFruits of Ethiopia - A study on intercountry adoption in Ethiopia5 years 31 weeks
Courts should rule on stolen kids' fate Niels'Stolen babies' adoption racket8 years 4 weeks
Wanted: 14 month old keyboard player NielsIs Elton John joining the celebrity adoption band-wagon?7 years 2 weeks
Africa NielsTogo suspends child adoption8 years 33 weeks

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