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Ze pour French NielsPoor babies6 years 4 weeks
Egypt tries US adoption bid pair NielsTwo U.S. Women Arrested, Charged With Child Trafficking In Egypt5 years 15 weeks
Vietnam and the Hague NielsChild Trafficking Bust in Mexico2 years 32 weeks
China's Stolen Children part 3 NielsChina's Stolen Children6 years 10 weeks
domestic adoption NielsAngelina Jolie set to adopt an Arab child4 years 41 weeks
2009 - 2007 = 3 Niels"Always wanted to adopt"4 years 50 weeks
On Romania NielsWhen is adoption an acceptable option?6 years 6 weeks
speculation v reality NielsAre international adoption critics really wrong?4 years 50 weeks
Some extra information NielsDNA tests provide first confirmation of stolen baby in troubled Guatemalan adoption system6 years 5 weeks
independent research NielsAdoption treaty sets up double standard in U.S. 4 years 46 weeks
under the age of five NielsAdapting to Mother's Day, After Adoption3 years 16 weeks
privileges and rights NielsDuma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples1 year 9 weeks
not-so-evil agencies? NielsWhat WILL they do next?4 years 30 weeks
Some things I don't understand NielsBaby Exporting Nation: The Two Faces of Inter-Country Adoption6 years 12 weeks
ugly assumptions NielsThe Americans, the Russian boy, and the Russian adoption authorities3 years 4 weeks
Investigations into Chase/Dmitry's case NielsRussia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S.6 years 6 weeks
Orphans for Agencies Act 2009 NielsKill the bill: the Families for Orphans Act and the fraudulent ideology of permanency4 years 37 weeks
Courts should rule on stolen kids' fate Niels'Stolen babies' adoption racket6 years 11 hours
a sordid past NielsA Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands4 years 28 weeks
Inside information? NielsFor export only?7 years 8 weeks
guaranteed delivery NielsSupernatural adoptions, and the depression that follows3 years 6 weeks
The powers that be NielsChildren Of the World For Sale5 years 23 weeks
remove the incentive NielsTrafficking reports raise heart-wrenching questions for adoptive parents4 years 34 weeks
accuracy NielsCOURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents 4 years 36 weeks
Contact request NielsAmrex aftermath?6 years 25 weeks

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