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Natural Resources neophyteThe Devil Went Down to Georgia7 years 46 weeks
For Baby Z's sake neophyteAngelina Jolie May Lose Zahara: Birth Mother Wants Baby Back8 years 28 weeks
Semantics neophyteAre international adoption critics really wrong?6 years 36 weeks
"choice" neophyteThe adoption quandary8 years 14 weeks
and people wonder why neophytemurderous thoughts7 years 50 weeks
I had to laugh, because neophytePlaying both sides of the fence?8 years 13 weeks
new name nicholshipp@aol.comMia Depaillat5 years 48 weeks
next victim nicholshipp@aol.comMia Depaillat5 years 49 weeks
Lavender Banks agency knew of earlier case NielsLavender Banks6 years 38 weeks
Adoption chief used Vietnam fraudster as a tour guide Niels'Evil' adoption scandal9 years 11 weeks
loop holes NielsThe United States, international adoption, The Hague Convention, and child abuse7 years 20 weeks
Cover-up claim over 'stolen' child's adoption Niels'Stolen babies' adoption racket7 years 39 weeks
Lists NielsMagnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths3 years 24 weeks
best interest? NielsCanada queries China on child abduction claims6 years 32 weeks
Egypt tries US adoption bid pair NielsTwo U.S. Women Arrested, Charged With Child Trafficking In Egypt7 years 2 weeks
Giving Chase/Dmitry a face NielsRussia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S.7 years 45 weeks
Important insights NielsEthiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent5 years 6 weeks
couples NielsDuma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples2 years 47 weeks
who is doing what right NielsA Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands6 years 15 weeks
China's Stolen Children part 9 NielsChina's Stolen Children7 years 49 weeks
What's on the menu NielsPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US6 years 29 weeks
Gladney NielsMax Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin)3 years 14 weeks
About lobbying and the effects of international adoption NielsWhen is adoption an acceptable option?7 years 45 weeks
Intercountry Adoption as Child Trafficking NielsChild trafficking and laundering8 years 47 weeks

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