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under the age of five NielsAdapting to Mother's Day, After Adoption3 years 18 weeks
Sueppel case NielsWhen an adoptee dies...6 years 24 weeks
Go Canada NielsCanada queries China on child abduction claims4 years 47 weeks
connection NielsChristian World Adoption and the mixing up of babies4 years 45 weeks
Stop adoption from Olympic countries!!! NielsCan we afford to stay in business with China at all cost?6 years 1 day
Giving Chase/Dmitry a face NielsRussia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S.6 years 9 weeks
a little background on CWA NielsFly Away Children4 years 50 weeks
Cover-up claim over 'stolen' child's adoption Niels'Stolen babies' adoption racket6 years 3 weeks
Dutch couple remanded Sri Lanka over baby smuggling NielsAdoption leads to arrest on Sri Lanka7 years 5 weeks
Explanation needed NielsChallenges in adoption procedures in Europe4 years 38 weeks
guaranteed delivery NielsSupernatural adoptions, and the depression that follows3 years 8 weeks
No statistics available yet NielsState decision suspends adoptions from Vietnam4 years 34 weeks
politics NielsThe role of the US Department of State in the case of Max Shatto1 year 29 weeks
China's Stolen Children part 8 NielsChina's Stolen Children6 years 12 weeks
hrc NielsUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions5 years 1 week
No adoption from foster care in the Netherlands NielsA Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands4 years 31 weeks
About lobbying and the effects of international adoption NielsWhen is adoption an acceptable option?6 years 8 weeks
What's on the menu NielsPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US4 years 44 weeks
Cronyism? NielsThe untold story of Masha Allen3 years 50 weeks
it's not about me or you NielsAdoption Myths, and Realities3 years 18 weeks
some of my thoughts NielsThe orphan planes5 years 36 weeks
More clarification please NielsChristian World Adoption and the mixing up of babies4 years 43 weeks
Have you ever visited Lori Nielsmurderous thoughts6 years 13 weeks
Child Laundering As Exploitation NielsChild trafficking and laundering7 years 11 weeks
Not every fruit is an apple NielsFamilies hold out hope for the return of stolen babies3 years 5 weeks

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