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Can this even be enforced? NielsRussia Poised to Ratify New Adoption Agreement with America2 years 24 weeks
preposterous NielsAn adopter's blame-game, and going to war2 years 1 week
ends and means NielsThe final cost of an international adoption3 years 13 weeks
Ethiopia NielsTogo suspends child adoption6 years 42 weeks
Liberia investigates child adoptions by U.S. agency NielsUproot Criminal Child Adoption 6 years 44 weeks
forgiveness is overrated NielsMy past legally erased4 years 28 weeks
Confusing to me too NielsWebsite launched to make adoption process more transparent3 years 41 weeks
the role of adopters NielsThe Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children1 year 14 weeks
poor orphanages NielsAnger grows over adoption scam5 years 6 weeks
thanks NielsThe Americans, the Russian boy, and the Russian adoption authorities3 years 20 weeks
comment on youtube NielsProduct placement: an advertisment for foreign adoption, or cereal?6 years 4 weeks
10 hours of what? NielsOn GuatAdopt’s “On Susana, CICIG, and the Senator”3 years 30 weeks
Some numbers NielsADOPTION PROTECTIONS5 years 9 weeks
wrong assumptions NielsPursuing what you want to pursue in the world of inter-country adoption2 years 17 weeks
human nature NielsAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare1 year 30 weeks
under the carpet NielsChild Maltreatment, Child Abuse Fatalities Among Internationally Adopted Children3 years 39 weeks
Siblings NielsDNA tests provide first confirmation of stolen baby in troubled Guatemalan adoption system6 years 21 weeks
Explanation needed NielsChallenges in adoption procedures in Europe4 years 51 weeks
for whom? NielsMEPs debate Romanian adoptions3 years 48 weeks
Sueppel case NielsWhen an adoptee dies...6 years 38 weeks
Go Canada NielsCanada queries China on child abduction claims5 years 9 weeks
outcomes and improvements NielsRussia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US2 years 45 weeks
connection NielsChristian World Adoption and the mixing up of babies5 years 6 weeks
Stop adoption from Olympic countries!!! NielsCan we afford to stay in business with China at all cost?6 years 14 weeks
Giving Chase/Dmitry a face NielsRussia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S.6 years 22 weeks

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