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In loving memory NielsRussia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S.6 years 27 weeks
Adoption chief used Vietnam fraudster as a tour guide Niels'Evil' adoption scandal7 years 46 weeks
Increases NielsForeign adoptions plunge in FY 2009 - more orphans for agencies requested5 years 5 weeks
ends and means NielsThe final cost of an international adoption3 years 19 weeks
home industries NielsOveruse of institutional care for children in Europe 6 years 34 weeks
10 hours of what? NielsOn GuatAdopt’s “On Susana, CICIG, and the Senator”3 years 36 weeks
five scenarios NielsParents of troubled boy adopted from Russia reach settlement with Bethany Christian Services3 years 43 weeks
Return, what return? NielsDNA tests provide first confirmation of stolen baby in troubled Guatemalan adoption system6 years 27 weeks
Last resort NielsGuatemala: a baby factory no longer?5 years 5 weeks
Seven Children Sneaked Out NielsUproot Criminal Child Adoption 6 years 49 weeks
no ban NielsItalians make best parents for adopted Indian children5 years 13 weeks
paper mandates or real mandates? NielsThe Americans, the Russian boy, and the Russian adoption authorities3 years 25 weeks
Intercountry Adoption as Child Trafficking NielsChild trafficking and laundering7 years 30 weeks
Homecoming NielsLength-of-stay in a foreign country3 years 40 weeks
China v Vietnam NielsAdoption agencies considered U.S. Embassy too active in fighting corruption in Vietnam4 years 19 weeks
a difference NielsGirl placed with foster family three weeks after being adopted1 year 50 weeks
No statistics available yet NielsState decision suspends adoptions from Vietnam5 years 2 weeks
Holt's response NielsWhen an adoptee dies...6 years 43 weeks
Reported findings NielsRomanian Orphans, ready for export to the EU5 years 14 weeks
Children's rights issue NielsThe Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children1 year 20 weeks
Nepal needs tighter rules on international adoption: UN NielsChild abuses on rise in Nepal due to international adoption6 years 21 weeks
Lavender Banks agency knew of earlier case NielsLavender Banks5 years 21 weeks
Zoe Ark leader: France knew about children "rescue" NielsChad jails French over Darfur 'child trafficking'7 years 5 weeks
suspension NielsTogo suspends child adoption6 years 50 weeks
proper and right family NielsAdoption Myths, and Realities3 years 37 weeks

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