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update NielsInter-country adoption: who facilitates whom5 years 12 weeks
ABC's decision, not ours NielsAustralians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare4 years 14 weeks
Explanation needed NielsChallenges in adoption procedures in Europe5 years 13 weeks
briefing NielsPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US5 years 17 weeks
which road to travel? NielsEvanston couple battling 2 countries over adoption2 years 10 weeks
Go Canada NielsCanada queries China on child abduction claims5 years 22 weeks
Vietnam and the Hague NielsChild Trafficking Bust in Mexico3 years 9 weeks
Where are they? NielsEnna Isabel Barreto5 years 26 weeks
China's Stolen Children part 7 NielsChina's Stolen Children6 years 40 weeks
hrc NielsUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions5 years 29 weeks
Which video? NielsLydia and Zariah Schatz5 years 22 hours
first agency NielsI am the real Kris6 years 35 weeks
3 years later NielsAmrex aftermath?5 years 31 weeks
Comparison NielsLength-of-stay in a foreign country3 years 48 weeks
additional information NielsAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare1 year 38 weeks
Cronyism? NielsThe untold story of Masha Allen4 years 25 weeks
More clarification please NielsChristian World Adoption and the mixing up of babies5 years 19 weeks
why? NielsU.S. Ambassador Says Visa Deal Bigger Than New START3 years 38 weeks
Nearly all in Addis Abeba NielsWhat WILL they do next?5 years 7 weeks
bending the rules NielsWhat WILL they do next?5 years 6 weeks
joined at the hip NielsKill the bill: the Families for Orphans Act and the fraudulent ideology of permanency5 years 13 weeks
Washington insiders NielsHost an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program3 years 49 weeks
Self projection NielsGiving voice to a child6 years 35 weeks
tit-for-tat system NielsAdoption 'donations' encourage crime3 years 41 weeks
The gravy train NielsLid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation5 years 25 weeks

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