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More insight Mr. PilgrimSiegal exposes corruption of international adoptions4 years 21 weeks
Questions - can anyone answer please :) MsKazzaRomania’s lost orphans adopted abroad are they dead or alive now; who knows, who cares? 1 year 50 weeks
Dr Rao mum-to-oneDr Ipuri Raman Rao & Co6 years 23 weeks
Corruption simply cannot exist in Adoptions ... NAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare2 years 33 weeks
Reform NatashaAstakhov confirms commitment to ban adoption of Russian children for U.S. citizens3 years 3 days
Semantics neophyteAre international adoption critics really wrong?7 years 1 week
For Baby Z's sake neophyteAngelina Jolie May Lose Zahara: Birth Mother Wants Baby Back8 years 45 weeks
Natural Resources neophyteThe Devil Went Down to Georgia8 years 11 weeks
"choice" neophyteThe adoption quandary8 years 31 weeks
I had to laugh, because neophytePlaying both sides of the fence?8 years 30 weeks
and people wonder why neophytemurderous thoughts8 years 14 weeks
next victim nicholshipp@aol.comMia Depaillat6 years 14 weeks
new name nicholshipp@aol.comMia Depaillat6 years 13 weeks
Nearly all in Addis Abeba NielsWhat WILL they do next?6 years 33 weeks
bending the rules NielsWhat WILL they do next?6 years 32 weeks
Seven Children Sneaked Out NielsUproot Criminal Child Adoption 8 years 31 weeks
outcomes and improvements NielsRussia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US4 years 33 weeks
relevance? NielsMove over Ethiopia...Congo here they come!5 years 18 weeks
wholesale vs retail NielsCouple worries about $30k it paid adoption agency7 years 30 weeks
Can this even be enforced? NielsRussia Poised to Ratify New Adoption Agreement with America4 years 11 weeks
Intercountry Adoption as Child Trafficking NielsChild trafficking and laundering9 years 12 weeks
Some numbers NielsADOPTION PROTECTIONS6 years 49 weeks
What about influence on MOWA NielsJoint Council on International Children's services on the wrong side of history again5 years 28 weeks
Self projection NielsGiving voice to a child8 years 9 weeks
human nature NielsAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare3 years 18 weeks

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