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additional information NielsAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare41 weeks 5 days
A time to remember NielsThe shocking truth about the baby factories5 years 38 weeks
why? NielsU.S. Ambassador Says Visa Deal Bigger Than New START2 years 41 weeks
Global market NielsPlaying both sides of the fence?6 years 7 weeks
privileges and rights NielsDuma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples42 weeks 1 day
More clarification please NielsChristian World Adoption and the mixing up of babies4 years 22 weeks
Important insights NielsEthiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent3 years 2 days
Even best case scenarios go wrong NielsWhat WILL they do next?4 years 10 weeks
Some things I don't understand NielsBaby Exporting Nation: The Two Faces of Inter-Country Adoption5 years 45 weeks
the unsocialist way NielsA Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands4 years 9 weeks
On Romania NielsWhen is adoption an acceptable option?5 years 39 weeks
tit-for-tat system NielsAdoption 'donations' encourage crime2 years 44 weeks
to Auriel NielsTangled adoption suit heads to trial4 years 18 weeks
Some extra information NielsDNA tests provide first confirmation of stolen baby in troubled Guatemalan adoption system5 years 38 weeks
It's worse than that NielsTogo suspends child adoption6 years 9 weeks
for whom? NielsMEPs debate Romanian adoptions3 years 12 weeks
Final verdict NielsCouple from Pune seeks preference over foreigners in adoption25 weeks 4 days
Investigations into Chase/Dmitry's case NielsRussia bans 3 adoption agencies following baby's death in U.S.5 years 39 weeks
joined at the hip NielsKill the bill: the Families for Orphans Act and the fraudulent ideology of permanency4 years 17 weeks
a little background on CWA NielsFly Away Children4 years 28 weeks
unjustified? NielsMia Depaillat3 years 12 weeks
and more on semantics NielsWhat Really Happened in Cambodia6 years 3 weeks
Comparison NielsLength-of-stay in a foreign country3 years 1 day
All to meet the adoption agencies demand NielsFrom Guatemala to Ethiopia3 years 29 weeks
Train wreck NielsOverseas adoptions halted4 years 16 weeks

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