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"The American-way" anonymousHow To Fail A Child - The American Foster Care Way5 years 36 weeks
hrc anonymousUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions5 years 30 weeks
SOS FROM GREECE PATRAS anonymousMy Greek Adoption6 years 18 weeks
please read link anonymousIs Federici Silencing The Adopted?6 years 4 weeks
who the hell do these people anonymousGravelles finally in jail5 years 49 weeks
Adopted bee's in the Beehive state get dumped in Samoa anonymous'Send problem children to boarding schools'5 years 31 weeks
Slanted Version of the Facts!!!! anonymousJames W. Bader (Jimmy Jones)5 years 33 weeks
Wow anonymousBattling families have different names for adoptee; when litigation dust settles, will she be ...5 years 31 weeks
sick woman anonymousSpring Hill Woman Accused Of Child Abuse Faces Judge5 years 33 weeks
For me, we could avoid this anonymousReport: Las Vegas a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking5 years 40 weeks
I was adopted anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption5 years 28 weeks anonymousRemorse, RAD and Psychopaths5 years 31 weeks
Hi Niels Where did you get anonymousPeace Corps or adoption army?6 years 15 weeks
Error in article anonymousThe Christian Brothers, a legacy of horror6 years 12 weeks
How about reporting Social Work in a balanced way anonymousEXCLUSIVE: SOCIAL WORKERS 'STOLE' MY CHILDREN5 years 39 weeks
In English, please? anonymousJeannene Smith fires back5 years 37 weeks
Records anonymousBirth Hope Adoption Agency, Inc - Arizona5 years 43 weeks
Ignored anonymousCPS Feeling Heat After Baby Dies In Foster Mother's Care5 years 30 weeks
Linger vs. Languish anonymousHigh-flying diplomat's China girl5 years 46 weeks
lets not let darlene and marty bright forget kameron anonymousDEATH: KAMERON L. BRIGHT - Obituary5 years 42 weeks
Thank you for posting this anonymousSeymour Kurtz: an update5 years 34 weeks
Accountability anonymousGravelles finally in jail5 years 48 weeks
Agree or Disagree anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption5 years 28 weeks
oh I thought you were going to blame anonymousPublic vs. Private Healthcare6 years 12 weeks
Can't these adoptive parents anonymousA tale of two dads.... why birth certificates make me laugh!6 years 12 weeks

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