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habitual JasonrokLawyers accused of involvement in illicit activities, leading the process of adoptions 2 weeks 5 days
confirmed JasonrokThe Baby Merchants – Part 22 weeks 5 days
unspecific JasonrokBreaking: Guatemalan Court Revokes Passport for Child Adopted to US Under Name “Karen Abigail”2 weeks 5 days
blanket JasonrokThe life of Guelph’s Jim Garrow: He’s garnered wide interest, praise and criticism for his Pink Pagoda child rescue operation 2 weeks 5 days
blanket JasonrokCOURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents 2 weeks 5 days
standard JasonrokCICIG will investigate one thousand adoption records who are in-process2 weeks 5 days
habitual JasonrokBREAKING NEWS: Asociación Primavera lawyer and director found guilty of human trafficking in Karen Abigail case2 weeks 5 days
communal JasonrokLength-of-stay in a foreign country2 weeks 5 days
extensive JasonrokFor Guatemala Adult Adoptees taken during the Civil War2 weeks 5 days
habitual JasonrokAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare2 weeks 5 days
general Jasonrok$175 and a cockatoo2 weeks 5 days
hardened JasonrokChild Trafficking Major Concern After Quake2 weeks 5 days
global JasonrokStolen babies a new industry in China's villages2 weeks 5 days
global JasonrokIllegal child trade in Liberia [video]2 weeks 5 days
extensive JasonrokBREAKING NEWS: Adoption Attorney Susana Luarca in Custody2 weeks 5 days
communal JasonrokChina probes child trafficking, adoption link2 weeks 5 days
blanket JasonrokPreview: The Lost Children2 weeks 5 days
communal JasonrokPolice hunt parents of trafficked babies2 weeks 5 days
general JasonrokPeople & Power - Stolen Babies (video)2 weeks 5 days
blanket JasonrokFitzgerald challenged on adoptions2 weeks 5 days
pandemic JasonrokChina Vows Action on Trafficking2 weeks 5 days
confirmed JasonrokCICIG Requests Public Explanation From Senator Landrieu Regarding Illegal Adoption Comments in Guatemala 2 weeks 5 days
blanket JasonrokINTERNATIONAL ADOPTION - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; A South Pacific Perspective2 weeks 5 days
hardened JasonrokSTATE SUES ADOPTION AGENCY 2 weeks 5 days
standard JasonrokAn Adoption Gone Wrong 2 weeks 5 days

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