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Russia has the same legal principle Cassandra Russia Votes to Ban All Adoptions by Americans3 years 18 weeks
Russian moratorium? Cassandra CavanaughRussia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US4 years 19 weeks
Ruud Lubbers - no prob with Sex Scandal SalomonPlaying both sides of the fence?8 years 9 weeks
Sad AmandaSupernatural adoptions, and the depression that follows4 years 45 weeks
Sad, but not criminal... MichaelChase Harrison (Dmitry Yakovlev)3 years 20 weeks
Sad, negligent, AND a form of child abuse KerryChase Harrison (Dmitry Yakovlev)3 years 20 weeks
Safety Procedures? AnonymousThe Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children2 years 34 weeks
Safety, first KerryParents of troubled boy adopted from Russia reach settlement with Bethany Christian Services5 years 4 weeks
Salina Tamang Also Under Police Custody AnonymousNepal -- Rabin Shrestha (alleged child rapist) & Action for Child Rights International 1 year 43 weeks
Same applies JaredFamilies hold out hope for the return of stolen babies4 years 39 weeks
Same applies to all... DadFamilies hold out hope for the return of stolen babies4 years 39 weeks
Same names over and Anonymous“The Lost Children of Guatemala,” from Le Temps4 years 39 weeks
Same ppl always getting hurt by the same old perps Marion_CullenWhat WILL they do next?6 years 12 weeks
Same story over and over AnonymousFamilies hold out hope for the return of stolen babies4 years 39 weeks
Same, yet Different? KerryChina’s adoption system worries Canadian mom6 years 31 weeks
Samoa, where adopted kids are dumped and prego moms shipped out DOP CHIENINTERNATIONAL ADOPTION - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; A South Pacific Perspective5 years 3 weeks
Samoan "fishing pond" that the Banks duo raped AnonymousPreview: The Lost Children6 years 20 weeks
Samoan villages are perfect for Samoan child-rearing. AnonymousLid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation6 years 31 weeks
sarcasm? NielsChina probes child trafficking, adoption link4 years 51 weeks
Save your $$$... Marion_CullenMy past legally erased5 years 47 weeks
Say you're one of them Roelie PostHaitian Children Sold for only $1.20 5 years 10 weeks
Says he Marion_CullenForeign countries adopt 142 Lagos orphans 4 years 48 weeks
School issues MJAn American Adoption Plan: Made in China3 years 46 weeks
scott and Karen Banks anonymousAdoption scandal has prompted only minor changes7 years 7 weeks
Screams (not just my own) KerryAdoption Myths, and Realities5 years 11 weeks

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