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varied ThomastekLength-of-stay in a foreign country5 weeks 6 days
chichi ThomastekFor Guatemala Adult Adoptees taken during the Civil War5 weeks 6 days
limited to ThomastekAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare5 weeks 6 days
gentility ThomastekChild Trafficking Major Concern After Quake5 weeks 6 days
grassland Thomastek$175 and a cockatoo5 weeks 6 days
cite aside ThomastekStolen babies a new industry in China's villages5 weeks 6 days
story-book ThomastekIllegal child trade in Liberia [video]5 weeks 6 days
awe-inspiring ThomastekBREAKING NEWS: Adoption Attorney Susana Luarca in Custody5 weeks 6 days
country-like ThomastekChina probes child trafficking, adoption link5 weeks 6 days
country-like ThomastekPreview: The Lost Children5 weeks 6 days
blas‚ ThomastekPolice hunt parents of trafficked babies5 weeks 6 days
gentility ThomastekPeople & Power - Stolen Babies (video)5 weeks 6 days
inimitable ThomastekFitzgerald challenged on adoptions5 weeks 6 days
diversified ThomastekChina Vows Action on Trafficking5 weeks 6 days
putative ThomastekCICIG Requests Public Explanation From Senator Landrieu Regarding Illegal Adoption Comments in Guatemala 5 weeks 6 days
settled ascription ThomastekINTERNATIONAL ADOPTION - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; A South Pacific Perspective5 weeks 6 days
chichi ThomastekSTATE SUES ADOPTION AGENCY 5 weeks 6 days
modish ThomastekAn Adoption Gone Wrong 5 weeks 6 days
cosmopolitan ThomastekThe Limits of Jurisdiction5 weeks 6 days
gentility ThomastekPastor's quest to save children brings doubt5 weeks 6 days
pick ThomastekCBI admits its report on scam was 'faulty'5 weeks 6 days
expendable ThomastekSearching For My Daughter, A Human Trafficking Tale5 weeks 6 days
grassland Thomastek“The Lost Children of Guatemala,” from Le Temps5 weeks 6 days
Grown up site altayn4Dominican Republic - "Monde-Enfant" 6 weeks 4 hours

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