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asked and answered anonymousChild abuse on the rise in Scotland8 years 43 weeks
I'd like to nominate M & M anonymousThird Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations8 years 2 weeks
BOOT CAMP FOR KIDS: anonymousThe last resort8 years 22 weeks
Child Protection Abuse anonymousTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey8 years 34 weeks
Orphanage directors and children anonymousHigh-flying diplomat's China girl8 years 19 weeks
private groups anonymousChildren in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable8 years 21 weeks
whatever anonymousThe Emperor strikes back: Pound Pup Legacy shut down over information about Ronald Federici8 years 32 weeks
I was just going to send anonymousThe continuing foster care fiasco8 years 26 weeks
to go on about it anonymousThe legacy sexual abuse left me8 years 31 weeks
maybe anonymousReactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding8 years 46 weeks
The comment on the head above, is right and I totaly agree with anonymousVali Nas (Valentin Nas) (Liviu Valenas)8 years 3 weeks
Records anonymousBirth Hope Adoption Agency, Inc - Arizona8 years 11 weeks
Focus on Children Scott and Karen Banks anonymousBirth parents' battle: Custody dispute is costly in money and emotion8 years 35 weeks
what you can do to help stop this anonymousGuantanamo - Federici8 years 34 weeks
ChowChow22's post thread SAVED anonymousIs Federici Silencing The Adopted?8 years 29 weeks
ways to really help anonymousMy Kidnapping8 years 4 weeks
uneducated Voice of the Voiceless anonymousadoption hurts - truth ignored8 years 22 weeks
adopted parents anonymousHolding Therapy Child Abuse8 years 22 weeks
It depends on how parents anonymousWhen does it pay to be a "good girl"?8 years 33 weeks
Who is Considered an Orphan? anonymousJudge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time8 years 28 weeks
WTF???? anonymousCaregivers charged with holding 5 children, 2 adults in basement8 years 6 weeks
PTSD anonymousCaring for The Wounded8 years 20 weeks
Founding fathers anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption8 years 1 week
Yes anonymousAdoptions Associates challenges allegations it improperly charged prospective parents8 years 5 weeks
Why no refference to Protestant and Mixed Faith victims anonymousIreland abuse inquiry report due8 years 12 weeks

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