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If you are an adoptive anonymousNew TB policy could disrupt overseas adoptions7 years 5 days
Exploitation Continues anonymousMasha Allen's attorney withdraws from case7 years 22 weeks
From Janaki Hedstrom anonymousLost in Delhi, adopted in US, girl hunts for her family7 years 8 weeks
a must see! anonymousIllegal child trade in Liberia [video]7 years 1 week
To Far. anonymousYoung boys abused after being placed in foster care7 years 42 weeks
The part about children anonymousThe Playground Project6 years 51 weeks
Madonna, the material girl, anonymousJudge rejects Madonna's adoption efforts in Malawi7 years 21 weeks
correct address for Mrs Balch anonymousMy Greek Adoption7 years 4 weeks
angry hurt & confused anonymous"My name is Kerry, and I'm an angry, hurt and confused adoptee"7 years 31 weeks
what is your take on this? anonymousBill to pay DCF settlement to couple who adopted sexually abused boys fails7 years 18 weeks
religious right and adoption anonymousThe Religious Right and adoption6 years 50 weeks
the other thing that really anonymousMadonna Plans to Adopt Fourth Child7 years 36 weeks
"Attachment Disorder" anonymousA couple adopt God's plan, boy by boy7 years 13 weeks
How do you bring suit when lawyers won't take your case? anonymousDo child protection workers deserve immunity when they misrepresent or fabricate evidence?6 years 51 weeks
this is sooo fucked up anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer7 years 20 weeks
Hi Niels Where did you get anonymousPeace Corps or adoption army?7 years 37 weeks
It is a numbers game anonymousSometimes a Fatal Quest... Losses in Adoption7 years 11 weeks
If a Dr tells you to give a certain medicine to a child anonymousGravelles finally in jail7 years 18 weeks
1958 Athens,Nikaia (Kokinia) baby boy give up for adoption anonymousMy Greek Adoption7 years 17 weeks
not adopted anonymousThe legacy sexual abuse left me7 years 28 weeks
foster hell anonymousGirl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears'7 years 21 weeks
Thank you anonymousCPS DHSS CORRUPTION7 years 27 weeks
Obviously an anti-Christian anonymousShotgun Adoption6 years 51 weeks
Cody is Home For Good! anonymousBirth parents' battle: Custody dispute is costly in money and emotion7 years 7 weeks
Is it part of the plan? anonymousHigh-flying diplomat's China girl7 years 16 weeks

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