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I'm so sick of people anonymousNot for Profit?7 years 10 weeks
Economic conditions of each anonymousGrowth of foster care7 years 30 weeks
81 Samoan children and their mothers grieving anonymousThe adoption quandary7 years 2 weeks
key issue anonymousCharities are ready to help swamped DOCS7 years 14 weeks
Prescip drugs are bad anonymousBad Craziness7 years 33 weeks
Too classic anonymousA couple adopt God's plan, boy by boy7 years 5 weeks
gee, sounds like RAD therapy anonymousLove and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser6 years 43 weeks
Clontarf Boys Town anonymousThe Lost Children6 years 45 weeks
curious child anonymous22 children adopted or fostered by Carl and Sherry Scott7 years 4 weeks
Bethany Christian Services anonymousThird Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations6 years 43 weeks
scott and karen banks anonymousAdoption scam tears families apart7 years 17 weeks
adopted parents anonymousHolding Therapy Child Abuse7 years 10 weeks
sadly anonymousThis is child abuse, not therapy7 years 29 weeks
Focus on Children owners Forever Families anonymousFocus on Children's dubious affiliations6 years 42 weeks
Vali Nas (Valentin Nas) is NOT Liviu Valenas! He's just a Gypsy! anonymousVali Nas (Valentin Nas) (Liviu Valenas)7 years 1 week
Scott and Karen Banks Focus on da bucks anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer7 years 9 weeks
sex abuse/ rape/ etc... anonymousFalse reports of abuse should be dealt with harshly7 years 19 weeks
the problem anonymousReactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding7 years 34 weeks
Tedi Hedstrom & Family anonymousLost in Delhi, adopted in US, girl hunts for her family7 years 1 day
Not Believing This anonymousConecuh County couple charged in child abuse7 years 4 weeks
Follow the Money anonymousMultimillionaire pedophile sought known haven7 years 12 weeks
Protection for Adoptive Families anonymousThe common response to abuse in adoptive families7 years 3 weeks
Jill Ellen Depaillat anonymousJudge declares murder mistrial 11 of 12 jurors vote to acquit mother in death of infant6 years 48 weeks
priests abusing children anonymousVictory for Suit Against Pedophile Priests7 years 11 weeks
attachment therapy anonymousBid to help the other stolen generation6 years 46 weeks

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