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thanks almost_humanphases of adoption - from the adoptee's perspective8 years 13 weeks
Thanks for clarifying Adoptresearch2010Another DEATH in the Republic of Georgia of adoptee 7/19/2010 Evan RIP6 years 13 weeks
thanks for replying VampiressPlease help my nephew =(6 years 23 weeks
Thanks for that Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!4 years 35 weeks
Thanks for the reply JMolsbeeAdult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse5 years 26 weeks
thanks! almost_humanKerry et al., what my OCD had in mind8 years 15 weeks
Thanks. I will be the first VampiressPlease help my nephew =(6 years 23 weeks
THAT KerryDEMONS, Hallow ghostly ghoul and other creepy humans disguised.3 years 13 hours
that hurt... Teddy"Did you like it?"7 years 44 weeks
that will take awhile almost_humanEureka!8 years 11 weeks
That's a Joke, right? Marion_CullenAnother Adoption Tragedy6 years 14 weeks
that's a lot to talk about... Teddy"Did you ever...."7 years 42 weeks
that's awesome almost_humanAnyone want to take a stab at THIS one....?8 years 11 weeks
the "triad" and the five-legged pup... latediscoveryFictional Adoptees9 years 43 weeks
The adopted and the bizarre KerryWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?4 years 5 weeks
The Benefit to Having More Babies KerryBush Admin Pushes Grabbing Babies From Poor Women So Wealthy Can Adopt8 years 29 weeks
The Best We Can desertrose234opinions6 years 2 weeks
The Big Difference Kerry"Did you ever...."7 years 42 weeks
The Big-Guns of Religion KerryAny thoughts?8 years 31 weeks
The Bride KerryAwakenings: In Memory9 years 11 weeks
The Candidate RobinAny thoughts?8 years 31 weeks
The Eternally Grateful Card KerryFinding My Biological Family5 years 17 weeks
The final statement KerryWhen - if ever - is it OK to tell?7 years 43 weeks
the first abuse almost_humanat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?8 years 13 weeks
The first wave almost_humanOld Figures8 years 9 weeks

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