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Perfect's replacement KerryAnother Possible Treatment for RAD?9 years 17 weeks
permanency NielsAdoption is legalized child trafficking8 years 26 weeks
personal magic Kerry"Did you like it?"9 years 26 weeks
pet peeve almost_humantruths-ah wait-Truths-with a capital T.9 years 49 weeks
Photolistings NielsHere's Looking at You, Kids10 years 13 weeks
Photos of Evan Haufler with Adoption Facilitator Robin Sizemore Adoptresearch2010Another DEATH in the Republic of Georgia of adoptee 7/19/2010 Evan RIP7 years 48 weeks
Photos... Pinky McFatfatIn the gutter8 years 42 weeks
Physical exam men videos GraiptliawlCORAM AND THEIR CHILD TRAFIKING ANTICS26 weeks 6 days
Pick of the litter KerrySit, Stay, Beg11 years 5 weeks
Placement and safety issues? PAHLEEEEESE! KerryMan fined for buckling in beer, not toddler 10 years 5 weeks
placidness showery behind the ears WinstonrahGarbage Bags and US Foster Kids1 year 11 weeks
Plasma TVs and Trips DadAdoption is legalized child trafficking8 years 26 weeks
playing devil's advocate almost_humanAnyone want to take a stab at THIS one....?9 years 45 weeks
Playing doctor KerryWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?6 years 22 weeks
Playing God NielsTaking a breather from The-Parentals9 years 46 weeks
please dont worry this is no trick clay1continue11 years 19 weeks
please explain... TeddyIn my own mind9 years 24 weeks
Point to be taken KerryCoincidence in placement of events?9 years 35 weeks
Pop-ups KerryInfidelity, infertiltiy and secretly kept obsessions and addictions8 years 43 weeks
population of users neophyteWhy does a person turn to illegal drugs?10 years 50 weeks
Positive opinion kimetteopinions7 years 38 weeks
post erased almost_humanWhat it's like to be Adopted9 years 47 weeks
Pound Pup Legacy | exposing the dark side of adoption wholesale jerseysMuseum of Jewish Heritage2 years 30 weeks
Power and future battles KerrySilence on Case of Stolen Children 8 years 31 weeks
Praise the Jeebus for the world's mini-messiahs Marion_CullenAnother DEATH in the Republic of Georgia of adoptee 7/19/2010 Evan RIP7 years 47 weeks

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