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thanks almost_humanphases of adoption - from the adoptee's perspective7 years 28 weeks
Thanks for clarifying Adoptresearch2010Another DEATH in the Republic of Georgia of adoptee 7/19/2010 Evan RIP5 years 28 weeks
thanks for replying VampiressPlease help my nephew =(5 years 38 weeks
Thanks for that Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!3 years 50 weeks
Thanks for the reply JMolsbeeAdult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse4 years 41 weeks
thanks! almost_humanKerry et al., what my OCD had in mind7 years 30 weeks
Thanks. I will be the first VampiressPlease help my nephew =(5 years 38 weeks
THAT KerryDEMONS, Hallow ghostly ghoul and other creepy humans disguised.2 years 15 weeks
that hurt... Teddy"Did you like it?"7 years 7 weeks
that will take awhile almost_humanEureka!7 years 26 weeks
That's a Joke, right? Marion_CullenAnother Adoption Tragedy5 years 29 weeks
that's a lot to talk about... Teddy"Did you ever...."7 years 5 weeks
that's awesome almost_humanAnyone want to take a stab at THIS one....?7 years 26 weeks
the "triad" and the five-legged pup... latediscoveryFictional Adoptees9 years 6 weeks
The adopted and the bizarre KerryWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?3 years 20 weeks
The Benefit to Having More Babies KerryBush Admin Pushes Grabbing Babies From Poor Women So Wealthy Can Adopt7 years 44 weeks
The Best We Can desertrose234opinions5 years 17 weeks
The Big Difference Kerry"Did you ever...."7 years 5 weeks
The Big-Guns of Religion KerryAny thoughts?7 years 46 weeks
The Bride KerryAwakenings: In Memory8 years 26 weeks
The Candidate RobinAny thoughts?7 years 46 weeks
The Eternally Grateful Card KerryFinding My Biological Family4 years 32 weeks
The final statement KerryWhen - if ever - is it OK to tell?7 years 6 weeks
the first abuse almost_humanat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?7 years 28 weeks
The first wave almost_humanOld Figures7 years 24 weeks

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