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The Bride KerryAwakenings: In Memory6 years 50 weeks
The Candidate RobinAny thoughts?6 years 18 weeks
The Eternally Grateful Card KerryFinding My Biological Family3 years 4 weeks
The final statement KerryWhen - if ever - is it OK to tell?5 years 30 weeks
the first abuse almost_humanat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?5 years 51 weeks
The first wave almost_humanOld Figures5 years 47 weeks
The Giver JAQUIEFinding My Biological Family3 years 4 weeks
The hair question... Pinky McFatfatThe Joy of School Shopping...4 years 49 weeks
the innocent side of erotica... TeddyLinks to personal favs4 years 49 weeks
The Many Shades of Green KerryBush Admin Pushes Grabbing Babies From Poor Women So Wealthy Can Adopt6 years 16 weeks
The Mask KerryQuestion5 years 50 weeks
The mother of all questions KerryNatural Loss of a child7 years 24 weeks
The Naked Truth KerryLesson 102: how to make love.6 years 16 weeks
The Name-Game Kerrytruths-ah wait-Truths-with a capital T.6 years 2 weeks
The not knowing... Kerrymy scar5 years 51 weeks
The numbers don't add-up KerryForeign Bodies in a New Family7 years 14 weeks
The occasional rant is healthy, and good KerryWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?1 year 25 weeks
the ol Don't Want to Fuck it Up Plan KerryDo you like me for ME, or what!2 years 28 weeks
The opinion should be had by many Kerryat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?6 years 23 hours
The Over-achiever Continues JAQUIEFinding My Biological Family3 years 4 weeks
The perils of the positive spin Kerryopinions3 years 42 weeks
the picture in my mind... TeddyIn my own mind5 years 28 weeks
The price of asuming the best tina"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"6 years 21 weeks
The Promised-Land of Milk and Honey KerryLetters Found on Abandoned Children5 years 49 weeks
The Re-Birth Experience KerryThe Call5 years 6 weeks

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