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sorry Nielswolves9 years 2 weeks
sounds like a winner almost_humanhmm?9 years 4 weeks
SPITE OR DESPERATION Teddyabandonment issues9 years 5 weeks
Spreading the wealth KerryThe Joy of School Shopping...8 years 1 week
standard JasonrokWhat is an R.A.D. Rage like?19 weeks 2 days
Starting-block KerryEureka!9 years 2 weeks
Statement of the U.S. Department of State NielsHaiti7 years 31 weeks
stay calm almost_humandad arrested8 years 51 weeks
Still dizzy reading this NielsUncovering the Fallacy Attempts Against Better Future Adoption Services6 years 44 weeks
Still Undecided about Karma btstormb2006When - if ever - is it OK to tell?8 years 20 weeks
Stolen children, an abused adoptee's perspective KerrySilence on Case of Stolen Children 7 years 40 weeks
Strange Hoarding Teddymy scar9 years 3 weeks
Straw man arguments Nielsopinions6 years 46 weeks
Stress Hormones and Stockholm Syndrome Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!5 years 26 weeks
stress... TeddyInfidelity, infertiltiy and secretly kept obsessions and addictions8 years 2 days
Study findings in a pdf KerryWendy's for Adoption8 years 51 weeks
Sure proves that blood is thicker... TeddyWhen - if ever - is it OK to tell?8 years 34 weeks
sure- Nobodys'girl"Did you like it?"8 years 1 week
Surgery AnonymousWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?5 years 33 weeks
Survival, theft of food AnonymousGarbage Bags and US Foster Kids7 years 33 weeks
Swallowing almost_humanOne thing9 years 2 weeks
Sweet Nothings KerryForeign Bodies in a New Family10 years 18 weeks
tag (trigger) words and labels KerryAfather sent this email to a friend of mine today.4 years 41 weeks
Taking discipline to the schools KerryWhat type of discipline took place in your home, growing up?9 years 1 day
Taking notes Kerrydisassociation8 years 17 weeks

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