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Must be nice... KerryAdult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse6 years 51 weeks
My 0.0128 Euro NielsSo much for Unification....9 years 43 weeks
my brother... Teddy"Did you like it?"9 years 5 weeks
My exact first thoughts... Teddy"Did you like it?"9 years 17 weeks
My Girls OtterEvery Girl needs a Hero11 years 6 weeks
My own masochistic self KerryReactions to people in vulnerable situations7 years 40 weeks
My own personal secret KerryIs there a second-chance for Innocence?9 years 15 weeks
my point exactly almost_humanSo much for Unification....9 years 42 weeks
my second dad almost_humannew day9 years 38 weeks
my simple answer KerryWhen - if ever - is it OK to tell?9 years 16 weeks
my sister is in a better thelma83hurts years later7 years 37 weeks
my two sides to this NielsFrom my island8 years 44 weeks
name and title KerryTaking a breather from The-Parentals9 years 37 weeks
National Adoption Council.I angelahorneThree professionals' insights on the downsides of adoptions.8 years 25 weeks
na‹ve ThomastekAdoption is legalized child trafficking1 year 2 days
neglecting ourselves... TeddyIs there a second-chance for Innocence?9 years 15 weeks
Negotiation mode Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!6 years 8 weeks
Nepal silent1Searching Free and Paid News Sources for articles of interest regarding adoption issues9 years 4 weeks
Neutered experience? KerryFictional Adoptees11 years 15 weeks
New Trend... Pinky McFatfatTaking a breather from The-Parentals9 years 32 weeks
Niels said: TeddyWhat type of discipline took place in your home, growing up?9 years 34 weeks
Niels, Thanks for writing. mdreamm024hmm?9 years 39 weeks
No anonymousFinding US Tax returns for non-profit organizations IRS-9908 years 50 weeks
no almost_humanEureka!9 years 36 weeks
no - your words are mine almost_humanat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?9 years 38 weeks

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