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recognition NielsAnother Possible Treatment for RAD?6 years 27 weeks
recurrent grieving almost_humanat what time did your grieving begin? has it ever ended?7 years 5 weeks
Red warning signs KerryErgot Poisoning - the cause of the Salem Witch Trials8 years 1 week
Reflections KerryWhen - if ever - is it OK to tell?6 years 35 weeks
Regarding Random Number Samplings KerryAre you a lucky bastard?8 years 3 weeks
Religion and Spirituality are two separate things. TeddyWhat type of discipline took place in your home, growing up?7 years 1 week
Remember the cartoon? Kerrythe hand I was dealt8 years 30 weeks
Reset your mind about violence KerryWhat type of discipline took place in your home, growing up?7 years 1 week
respectfully disagree almost_humanSo much for Unification....7 years 10 weeks
reward? neophyteSit, Stay, Beg8 years 15 weeks
right. but... almost_humanSo much for Unification....7 years 10 weeks
RIP, Sweet Little Boy Marion_CullenAnother DEATH in the Republic of Georgia of adoptee 7/19/2010 Evan RIP5 years 6 weeks
Robert Allan Hafetz There RobertHafetzFictional Adoptees8 years 35 weeks
Robert Allan Hafetz Not RobertHafetzFictional Adoptees8 years 34 weeks
Rock On Pinky McFatfatsimple site statistics- 6 years 3 weeks
Ruin. Marion_CullenDo you like me for ME, or what!3 years 28 weeks
sad truth Kerrycontinue8 years 30 weeks
Safety in an appropriate support-system Kerryabandonment issues7 years 6 weeks
Same here NielsWhat's taking place in that adoptive home?3 years 35 weeks
Samoan children with families are not orphans. AnonymousSilence on Case of Stolen Children 5 years 41 weeks
Satan's work kimetteAnyone want to take a stab at THIS one....?7 years 4 weeks
scars Teddymy scar7 years 3 weeks
Scary TTTTTTruth Kerrytruths-ah wait-Truths-with a capital T.7 years 7 weeks
scribbling kimetteDear Diary7 years 3 weeks
sdhvbibcijncijdivn KerryAren't Dr visits so much freaking fun?!?!?4 years 27 weeks

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