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"Eventually" KerryDidn't look like kid-rob fiends6 years 6 weeks
"Evidently, a "successful" BizziFoster kids pull no punches describing cracks in the system4 years 37 weeks
"face possible penalties" eggs over-easyMinnesota couple caught up in apparent adoption fraud4 years 36 weeks
"failed adoption" vs. "failed adoption plan" JaredFailed Adoption v. Disrupted Adoption (Yes, there is a world of difference)3 years 18 weeks
"family planning" steak and eggsBush birth control policies helped fuel Africa's baby boom4 years 37 weeks
"filling voids" KerryThe orphan planes5 years 34 weeks
"first-class education" KerryTHE WELFARE OF FORMER BRITISH CHILD MIGRANTS 5 years 32 weeks
"For-profit" in the name of what, EXACTLY? KerryA report by the Committee on the Rights of Children of the UN6 years 11 weeks
"Forgotten Australians" KerryChild migrants7 years 7 weeks
"Going Home?" AnonymousLength-of-stay in a foreign country3 years 19 weeks
"Group mentality" Kerryremoved by author :(5 years 28 weeks
"Hawking" KerryNigeria: Country Leads in Child Labour5 years 34 weeks
"He seems different" KerryLength-of-stay in a foreign country3 years 19 weeks
"Help"...? KerryKidnapped Boy Freed After Sixteen Years6 years 22 weeks
"Home" for children KerryFrom Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions5 years 33 weeks
"How can that be changed?" TeddyThe United States, international adoption, The Hague Convention, and child abuse5 years 33 weeks
"How much did it cost to buy me?" KerrySix Words: 'Black Babies Cost Less To Adopt'1 year 9 weeks
"How much?", the adult adoptee asks.... KerryTheresa and Reed Hansen3 years 26 weeks
"HOW?" KerryAdopted to be abused?6 years 11 weeks
"I got mine!" Is certainly something to celebrate! Marion_CullenChina invites children adopted to US to return to their roots3 years 1 week
"I missed A mother and not MY mother." TeddyMy father is dead.6 years 5 days
"I only know" KerryThe Mystery of #4709 - Who Am I?5 years 4 weeks
"I think it's just one more BizziThe end of Masha Allen's second adoption4 years 34 weeks
"I told her it is not her anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer5 years 21 weeks
"I was able to effect an BizziKevin Libin: Readers detail rarely-seen ugly side of child-protection agencies5 years 10 weeks

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