history of child placement - All comments list

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Maternity Hospitals, Maternity Homes, and other places to farm KerrySpain seeks truth on baby-trafficking claims6 years 6 weeks
Problems with attachment and development KerryAdoption law revision draws fire5 years 5 weeks
How will adopters respond? KerryOnline adoption: Avoiding a web of lies4 years 17 weeks
Economical spending KerryShotgun Adoption7 years 34 weeks
To whom it may concern.... KerryJersey Care Home of Horrors8 years 25 weeks
Foreign v. Domestic KerryGuatemala: a baby factory no longer?7 years 17 weeks
The 20-20 Christian Challenge KerryReviewing Jedd Medefind's response to "The Evangelical Adoption Crusade"5 years 50 weeks
Reactions to and from the general-public KerryMan at center of 1964 kidnap mixup finds clues to his identity3 years 37 weeks
Detachment KerrySearch and Recovery9 years 21 weeks
Investigating the ghosts of the past KerryIrish Workhouse - Birr8 years 8 weeks
[giggle] KerryBuried Secrets7 years 11 weeks
Abuse, in it's many forms KerryTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey8 years 12 weeks
Injustice in Adoptionland KerryWrongful Adoption5 years 25 weeks
Yes, let's congratulate! KerryExposing Corruption in International Adoption5 years 19 weeks
More attention to the original subject KerryUK Decoy Tactics9 years 14 weeks
Recycling history? KerryChildren in care: how Britain is failing its most vulnerable8 years 4 days
Not limited to the Big (or little) C's KerryAustralian church apologies to child migrants 7 years 23 weeks
birth facts and the fantasy family KerryAdoption Annulment5 years 36 weeks
Something rings very familiar... now what can that be? KerryJersey Care Home of Horrors8 years 23 weeks
Don't ask, don't tell KerryN.J. birth moms divided on bill that would open up adoption records5 years 49 weeks
G.O.B.C KerryMy Greek Adoption8 years 22 weeks
Not enough research being done KerryLiving with the legacy of care5 years 28 weeks
The Case of the Missing Children KerryThousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants To Israel8 years 1 week
Understanding Closed Adoption KerrySetting the Record Straight8 years 4 hours
Mullan's harrowing tale KerryThe Magdalene Laundry8 years 8 weeks

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