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In other parts of Adoptionand KerryCHILDREN ON SALE 7 years 3 weeks
Truth be told.... KerryThe Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children4 years 40 weeks
Collected History KerryIreland abuse inquiry report due8 years 51 weeks
the zombie-effect KerryPilot program to review use of psychotropic prescription drugs in Georgia's foster care system7 years 13 weeks
"crisis pregnancy" turns "crisis adoption story" KerryBriefing on Briefing on Joint USCIS/State Adoption Site Visit to Ethiopia7 years 10 weeks
not so sure Kerry"Did you like it?"8 years 44 weeks
Official statistics KerryMagnitsky List Counterpart to Stress Adoption Deaths5 years 27 weeks
Taking discipline to the schools KerryWhat type of discipline took place in your home, growing up?9 years 43 weeks
Before and After KerryLooking at other families (or as this sick pup likes to call it: Parental Penis Envy)9 years 12 weeks
wow KerryJailed man’s history of assaults goes back to 19545 years 16 weeks
Economy, Environment and Future Developments KerryWoman says system failed 3 girls sexually abused by adoptive father8 years 38 weeks
[Hmmm]... Jesus wanted me as a Sunbeam KerryAnyone want to take a stab at THIS one....?9 years 41 weeks
From public burden to private nightmare KerryPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US8 years 31 weeks
[pathetic laugh] KerryAren't Dr visits so much freaking fun?!?!?7 years 46 weeks
Falsified information KerryA tale of two dads.... why birth certificates make me laugh!9 years 23 weeks
Orphan-care KerryHost an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program5 years 49 weeks
For what it's worth... KerryFourth Annual Demons of Adoption Awards7 years 36 weeks
Looking with both eyes open KerryGuatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 8 years 40 weeks
Treating ourselves KerryThe Joy of School Shopping...6 years 33 weeks
Realistically, what can be done? KerryNepal -- Trade of Children8 years 1 week
Forced situations KerryWhat do you RAD folks think about this ?8 years 42 weeks
Public Image KerryChurch, immigrant groups plan to airlift Haitian orphans to South Florida8 years 22 weeks
Um... KerryHospitals plan organization to arrange adoptions4 years 40 weeks
Kindness, as a gift KerryIs there a second-chance for Innocence?9 years 34 weeks
Yearning KerryHolt's Latest Slip of the Tongue?4 years 13 weeks

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