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latest Winstonrah22 children adopted or fostered by Carl and Sherry Scott16 hours 59 min
Pictures from collective networks chadwp4Adrianna Maria Romero Cram1 day 20 hours
modish ThomastekAlex Jones`Nancy Schaefer on child abuse by CPS` (Part 1)6 days 8 hours
empiric ThomastekFamily allowed to adopt 3 kids despite sexual assault history in home6 days 8 hours
inventive ThomastekGuilty until proven innocent: Parents accused of child abuse by DCFS fight to clear their names6 days 8 hours
grassland ThomastekLitigation not legislation is the fastest way to reform Child Protective Services & Family Court6 days 8 hours
a settled and simply Thomastek22 children adopted or fostered by Carl and Sherry Scott6 days 8 hours
with it ThomastekSuicidal Waterford mom tried to kill her 4 kids with drugged milkshakes, carbon monoxide6 days 8 hours
inventive ThomastekTwin girls adopted by Tamika Williams6 days 8 hours
modish ThomastekDo child protection workers deserve immunity when they misrepresent or fabricate evidence?6 days 8 hours
the latest thing ThomastekCouple say adopted son beyond their help6 days 8 hours

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