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firsthand WinstonrahAttention Adult Adoptees Adopted Through Holt....6 days 20 hours
today's WinstonrahPublic vs. Private Healthcare6 days 20 hours
firsthand WinstonrahChristian foster couple lose 'homosexuality views' case6 days 20 hours
brand-new Winstonrah10-year-old's dark side frightens mother6 days 20 hours
unripe Winstonrah'Send problem children to boarding schools'6 days 20 hours
pandemic JasonrokPublic vs. Private Healthcare2 weeks 42 min
blanket JasonrokAttention Adult Adoptees Adopted Through Holt....2 weeks 42 min
extensive JasonrokChristian foster couple lose 'homosexuality views' case2 weeks 43 min
global Jasonrok10-year-old's dark side frightens mother2 weeks 47 min
altered Winstonrah10-year-old's dark side frightens mother2 weeks 2 days
unripe Winstonrah'Send problem children to boarding schools'2 weeks 2 days
blanket Jasonrok10-year-old's dark side frightens mother3 weeks 33 min
unspecific Jasonrok'Send problem children to boarding schools'3 weeks 34 min
Richard Mckenzie on my podcast shoq Shin FujiyamaThe Best Thing About Orphanages 26 weeks 1 day
Pound Pup Legacy | exposing the dark side of adoption long dresses for pregnant women'Send problem children to boarding schools'2 years 1 week
More on the Baby Broker (who wanted more) KerryBaby broker appears in court3 years 46 weeks
Why certain bans and restrictions are good... KerryStudy looks at how mental health care affects outcomes for foster children 4 years 11 weeks
Subsidy payments given to APs who have abused KerryAdoption Subsidies: A Great Investment for Kids Who Need Families 4 years 25 weeks
Justice, Adoption, and The American Way KerryParents deported, what happens to US-born kids?4 years 29 weeks
Irresponsible Social Work KerryColorado appeals court allows abused siblings to sue social workers5 years 11 weeks
Poor insight and preparation KerryStates change how they recruit foster parents5 years 11 weeks
Response on Recruiting AnonymousStates change how they recruit foster parents5 years 11 weeks
The vetting and monitoring of foster parents KerryLesbian Foster Parents Publish Photos of Boy Dressed as Girl, Child Agency Under Fire5 years 27 weeks
The will of others KerryIs adoption 'social engineering'? I'll answer that question – no 5 years 37 weeks
A few random thoughts... KerryHas anyone here heard or had experience of these people?5 years 37 weeks

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