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CPS tryed to take my AnonymousFive girls adopted by Scott and Drew Anne Hamrick3 days 9 hours
Knows first hand AnonymousGirl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton1 week 1 day
Twisted, corrupted care Kerry and NielsNepal Children's Organization (NCO/Bal Mandir) -- child trafficking, corruption and sexual abuse1 week 2 days
change this case to AnonymousLogan Garrett and his twin sister2 weeks 2 days
Incorrect information AnonymousBoy adopted by Lee M Rager and Diana J. Haley2 weeks 4 days
littlie boy beat with belt AnonymousCarlos Beltran5 weeks 1 day
I am living proof of what AnonymousThe end of Masha Allen's second adoption6 weeks 3 days
I lived with Faith and Masha AnonymousThe untold story of Masha Allen6 weeks 3 days
Article Source a viral game Johne265Adoption: When God Comes Knocking and Calling9 weeks 15 hours
Not as hard as I thought. Flake28In Person Adult Adoptee Support Meetings9 weeks 2 days
Optimism for the future KerryIn Person Adult Adoptee Support Meetings9 weeks 3 days
ToddYour situation is not AnonymousIn Person Adult Adoptee Support Meetings9 weeks 4 days
I appreciate you sharing Johnf148Ryanne E Spohn9 weeks 5 days
girls AnonymousGirls adopted by John and Alicia Bryan10 weeks 4 days
Socialization KerryIn Person Adult Adoptee Support Meetings11 weeks 14 hours
Mann kids AnonymousGirl adopted by Aaron and Linda Mann11 weeks 22 hours
I know this couple. So sad AnonymousGirl to be adopted by Ernest Richard Davison and Cynthia Joan Davison14 weeks 7 hours
Most therapists weren't able LionessBlog Post Roundup14 weeks 6 days
He also testified that he AnonymousGirl adopted by David Karl and Jennifer Danser15 weeks 9 hours
specifically.... KerryBlog Post Roundup15 weeks 18 hours
therapy KerryBlog Post Roundup15 weeks 18 hours
Hormones LionessBlog Post Roundup15 weeks 20 hours
The Old Hand LionessBlog Post Roundup15 weeks 21 hours
PTSD and hormones VasilisaBlog Post Roundup15 weeks 4 days
Resolving Trauma KerryBlog Post Roundup15 weeks 6 days

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