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Adoptive parents sentenced in the rapes of their two children

Date: 2013-09-24

Adoptive parents sentenced in the rapes of their two children
By Kevin Conlon, CNN
updated 10:46 AM EDT, Tue September 24, 2013


  • Joseph and Linda Mayotte of Massachusetts were convicted last month
  • Prosecutor says Linda Mayotte became pregnant by her adoptive son, who was 15
  • He faces 16 to 20 years in prison; she faces 18 to 22 years
  • Now 21, the adoptive son reportedly said in court: 'Let them burn in hell'

(CNN) -- A Massachusetts husband and wife were each sentenced to prison Monday after being found guilty last month of raping their two adopted children.

Joseph Mayotte, 50, sexually abused his daughter over a five-year span, starting when she was 8, according to a news release from prosecutor Joseph D. Early Jr.
Mayotte was convicted in August on 11 charges -- including rape of a child aggravated by age difference -- and was sentenced Monday to 16 to 20 years in prison.
His wife, Linda Mayotte, was convicted on 19 charges -- including three counts of rape of a child -- and sentenced from 18 to 22 years behind bars.

Northbridge couple receives 20 years for child rapes

Date: 2013-09-24

By Lindsay Corcoran/Daily News staff
Milford Daily News
Posted Sep 24, 2013 @ 12:00 AM
Last update Sep 24, 2013 @ 03:54 PM

The Northbridge couple convicted of raping their two adopted children were sentenced Monday to nearly 20 years each in prison after their victims asked the court to put them away for life.

Linda Mayotte, 49, formerly of 67 Laura Lane, was sentenced to serve 18 to 22 years in MCI Framingham and her husband, Joseph Mayotte, 50, of the same address, was sentenced to 16 to 20 years in MCI Cedar Junction by Worcester Superior Court Judge Richard Tucker.

On Aug. 8, Linda Mayotte was found guilty on 18 counts relating to the abuse of their adopted son from when he was 13 through 15, while her husband was found guilty on 11 counts relating to his abuse of the couple’s adopted daughter that started when she was 8 and lasted for nearly five years.

Adoptive parents take custody of Veronica from biological father

Date: 2013-09-23


TAHLEQUAH -- Baby Veronica’s biological family handed over the 4-year-old girl Monday night, giving her back to her adoptive parents from South Carolina.

The child's transfer of custody was formally announced by Cherokee Nation Attorney General Todd Hembree.

In an interview with the Tulsa World, Hembree said a district court order was issued about 4:30 p.m. to hand over Veronica. The order came after the Oklahoma Supreme Court lifted its ruling that had kept Veronica in her biological father's custody while the appeals played out.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office undersheriff Jason Chennault said his office received the court order at 5 p.m. By 7:30 p.m., Veronica was with the Capobiancos.

"The court order was directed to us, so we served it," Chennault said. "We gave the Browns time to say goodbye and pack some things for Veronica, some clothes and things."

Parents guilty of murder

Date: 2013-09-22

Parents guilty of murder
Joneses sentenced to life in prison for death of 6-year-old son

Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2013 12:00 am | Updated: 1:09 pm, Tue Sep 24, 2013.

By Rachael Ward | 0 comments

MONROE — A jury deliberated for more than four hours before reaching a guilty verdict in the 2009 death of a 6-year-old boy.
The adopted parents of Colin Jones — Jami Lea Jones, 43, and Louis David Jones, 43 — were both sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of malice murder.


Skeptics of Veronica, Desaray cases call for closer look at private adoptions, laws

Date: 2013-09-21

By Andrew Knapp

When Sharon Pierce learned that her son had gotten someone pregnant, she knew the situation wouldn’t be ideal.

The future parents were teenagers in high school.

Pierce still embraced having a little one around, and at least initially, so did her son. But his girlfriend wasn’t ready, so she sought an adoption agency’s help.

What happened during the months leading to the birth of Pierce’s granddaughter would leave her and her son frustrated, confused and overcome with sadness — emotions that critics of private adoptions think should prompt a closer look at the attorneys and agencies who operate in that field.

Some of them blame South Carolina laws that first attracted notoriety in the 1980s, when Charleston became known as a haven for couples nationwide seeking easy adoptions.

As Pierce set up a nursery in her James Island home, she said attorneys and the adoption agency started pressuring her son. They convinced him and his girlfriend that they were too young, that they couldn’t care for a child. A pre-adoptive couple from Spartanburg paid the expectant mother’s expenses.

Tucson couple in adoption scandal speaks out

Date: 2013-09-20

Steller: Tucson couple in adoption scandal speaks out

September 20, 2013 12:00 am • Tim Steller Arizona Daily Star

Yes, Nicole and Calvin Eason are living in Tucson.

Yes, they have kids — three living with them in their long-term hotel rooms.

No, none of it is anybody else’s business.

Those are the answers I got Thursday to the questions I posed in last Friday’s column about the Tucson couple and their role in “private re-homing” adoptions. That’s the disturbing phenomenon in which parents who have adopted a child but regret it use informal Internet connections to find new parents for the child.

In various states, the Easons accepted kids from adoptive parents who couldn’t handle the children they had adopted — 11 times, Nicole said Thursday. But during an hourlong conversation at a Tucson Denny’s, Nicole Eason insisted that none of those children was meant to stay with her family permanently.

Rather, she said, they were giving the adoptive parents a “respite,” a term used in the adoption world.

Masha Allen’s fight to help other child sex assault victims

Date: 2013-09-20

By: Julian Sher Investigative News reporter

For the past eight years, the framed photo has stood prominently on his desk at Toronto police headquarters: an American teenage girl with long hair and a beaming smile leaning against the burly Canadian cop.

Ever since Det. Bill McGarry helped turn Masha Allen into one of the most famous victims of child abuse and Internet pornography, he has kept a special place for her on his desk and in his heart.

“She gave me the strength to keep doing my job,” said McGarry, who heads the Toronto Police Identification Unit, spending days unearthing gut-wrenching images of child sexual assault on the web. “I look at her picture and say: if I don’t do this, who is going to hunt for these kids?”

Now a grown-up, Masha is using an American law named after her to go after the hundreds of men who have downloaded and traded her pictures of abuse.

Masha was adopted as a 5-year-old Russian orphan by an American millionaire named Matthew Mancuso, who sexually abused her for years and posted her pictures extensively online until she was rescued by the FBI in 2003.

Court documents detail alleged abuse by Emmet Co. parents

Date: 2013-09-20

by Nathan Edwards

EMMET CO. -- An affidavit from the Emmet County District Court has detailed the alleged abuse at the home of Phillip and Kimberly Loesch - who were arrested for child abuse this week.

The investigation started after one of the children, a 13-year-old boy, went missing for two days in July.

Emmet County Sheriff Pete Wallin said his office received several tips as to the reason the boy had gone missing. He was found two days later.

Court documents show that the 13-year-old boy and two other adoptive children were abused from the time they were adopted in 2008 until they were removed from the home by Protective Services in July. One of the children, a now 18-year-old girl permanently left the home in January of 2012 and placed in foster care.

The affidavit shows that the children were required to spend long hours upstairs in their room during each day and were not allowed to leave the room without permission. Documents show the children were required to ask permission to use the restroom and on several occasions were forced to relieve themselves in their room because permission had not been granted.

Sheriff: Charges filed in missing Emmet County child case

Date: 2013-09-19

An Emmet County couple faces felony child abuse charges resulting from a missing child case back in July.

According to a press release from the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office, what initially began as a missing child investigation resulted in the arrest of Phil and Kimberly Loesch of Harbor Springs. Both were charged with three counts of felony child abuse-second degree.

The release says on July 15, the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office was called to Readmond Township for a missing 13-year-old. After a grueling two-day search, the boy was located in Cross Village.

“During the course of the search, my office received several tips as to the reason why this young man may have left his home,” said Emmet County Sheriff Pete Wallin.

After the boy was located, an investigation began regarding possible abuse by his adopted parents.

“There’s a reason people run away, and we wanted to find out what caused it,” said Wallin.

Three children, all adopted, were removed from the Loeschs’ home, said Emmet County Sheriff Pete Wallin. All have been placed in other homes.

Tahlequah man guilty in sexual abuse of adopted daughter

Date: 2013-09-19

September 19, 2013
Tahlequah man guilty in sexual abuse of adopted daughter

By Josh Newton

TAHLEQUAH — Jurors on Wednesday found a Tahlequah man guilty of having sex with his adopted 16-year-old daughter, the second time a panel has done so in a year.

Members of the jury, 11 women and one man, recommended Stacey Garrett Begay serve a 37-year prison sentence for child sexual abuse.

Prosecutors alleged Stacey Begay and his adopted daughter, Christina Begay, admitted to deputies and investigators in April 2011 that they had been involved in a sexual relationship for several months.

Terry Begay, the wife of Stacey Begay, allegedly arrived at home in April 2011 and found her husband in Christina Begay’s bedroom. The teenager was dressed only in a shirt. Terry Begay then retrieved a gun and opened fire on Stacey and Christina Begay, according to testimony.

Trial begins for parents accused in death of child

Date: 2013-09-18

Trial begins for parents accused in death of child

Both sides admit information to be presented hard to digest

Posted: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rachael Ward | 0 comments

MONROE — Opening statements began Tuesday morning for the trial against Jami Lea Jones, 43, and Louis David Jones, 43, who both face charges in the 2009 death of their 6-year-old adopted son.

Assistant District Attorney Sam Barth opened up the day’s proceedings.


Oklahoma Judge Gives Custody of Deseray to Absentee Shawnee Tribe

Date: 2013-09-17

By Suzette Brewer,

Third Pregnant Woman Identified by Tribal Lawyers

At a closed-door hearing last week in Oklahoma County, Judge Allen Welch granted custody of the infant girl “Deseray” to the Absentee Shawnee Tribe and ordered her return to Oklahoma. The baby had been unlawfully removed from Oklahoma in June by Bobby and Diane Bixler of Irmo, South Carolina, in violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act and Oklahoma state law. The Bixlers are represented by Raymond Godwin and Nightlight Christian Adoptions of Greenville, the same attorney and agency who represented Matt and Melanie Capobianco in the adoption of Veronica Brown.

Charles Tripp, attorney for the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, said the Bixlers took Deseray when she was only a few weeks old with no custody orders or paperwork of any kind authorizing them to take the child out of state, which is tantamount to kidnapping, for which they could face federal criminal charges. The tribe is seeking domestication and enforcement of Oklahoma orders in South Carolina so that Deseray can be returned home for further proceedings in regards to her custodial placement.

Adopted son of a Vietnam War veteran grows up in Medina, now faces deportation

Date: 2013-09-17

Adopted son of a Vietnam War veteran grows up in Medina, now faces deportation
By Donna J. Miller, The Plain Dealer

on September 17, 2013 at 4:38 PM, updated September 20, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Pattrick Henderson celebrated his eldest daughter's high school graduation last year.
Family photo

MEDINA, Ohio — A 42-year-old father of five and adopted son of an American serviceman sits in a jail cell awaiting deportation to Panama, where he was born and abandoned.

The possible deportation stems from a mistake long ago on Pattrick Henderson's adoption form that prevented the Buckeye High School graduate from becoming a U.S. citizen.

Now some Buckeye alumni and friends have launched an effort to try and prevent the deportation from happening.

Henderson was 18 months old in 1973, when he was adopted by Army Special Forces member Edgar Henderson and his wife. They were stationed in Panama until Edgar Henderson retired the following year and returned to Medina County, where Pattrick grew up.

On the night of his death, Jeffrey Baldwin was heard ‘weeping to himself’ as he ‘waited to die’

Date: 2013-09-16

Christie Blatchford: On the night of his death, Jeffrey Baldwin was heard ‘weeping to himself’ as he ‘waited to die’

Christie Blatchford | 16/09/13 8:19 PM ET

A family photo of three-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin, at his grandparents' home in east end Toronto. He died Nov. 30, 2002, when he was five years old, of a lethal combination of pneumonia and septic shock, the underlying cause profound and protracted starvation.

The enormity of what happened to Jeffrey Baldwin almost 11 years ago is beginning to emerge at an Ontario coroner’s inquest into the little boy’s death.

Monday, the jurors got the one-two punch of witnesses who essentially painted “before” and “after” pictures of those who lived in the east-end Toronto house where the little boy was so terribly abused, his three young siblings left with rage, guilt and terror.

The five-year-old died Nov. 30, 2002, of a lethal combination of pneumonia and septic shock, the underlying cause profound and protracted starvation.

Watching him suffer and die, none of them lifting a finger to help him, were six adults.

International adoption: I was stolen from my family

Date: 2013-09-16

International adoption: I was stolen from my family
By Tarikuwa Lemma, Special to CNN

updated 1:09 AM EDT, Mon September 16, 2013

Tarikuwa Lemma was taken from her family in Ethiopia on a promised "study trip" to the United States.


  • Tarikuwa Lemma: When she was 13, she went to the U.S. thinking she would be studying abroad
  • Inside a few weeks, it became clear her family had been misled about her American "adoption"
  • Lemma: "All the lies and deception comes down to money"
  • Now a college student, she hasn't seen her family in Ethiopia for seven years

Editor's note: Tarikuwa Lemma, 19, was "adopted" from Ethiopia seven years ago by a U.S. family along with her two younger sisters after being deceived that they were headed to America on a study trip. She now lives in Maine and has just entered college with the goal of becoming a human rights advocate.

(CNN) -- When I was 13, I was sold.

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