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I usually take interest in the biographies of folks of my kind, especially in the all white environment I currently live. I like to collect stories from everywhere I stay, and I usually find this more absorbing than doing what I am supposed to. Both is  kind of a research. The second  generally goes unnoticed by others. But one or two of these stories are really worth telling.

Chinese adoption statistics discrepancies 2005 - 2009

More than a century ago, Mark Twain popularized the expression "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics". In this post we'd like to focus on the most egregious of these lies, statistics.

In 2007, we started collecting inter-country adoption statistics, which we present on our various country pages. Our first source for these statistics was the website of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, which at the time, published the statistics of several countries for the years 2001-2004.

While entering this information into our database, we had to make the decision which statistics to use, those of the receiving countries, or those of the sending countries.

At the time. relatively few sending countries supplied statistics to the Hague, even fewer had their own website, presenting up-to-date statistics, so we decided to use the data provided by the receiving countries.

The Adoptee's Family Tree

Recently my oldest (in highschool) had to create a family-tree for a history project.

As a parent, I thought these school-craft projects were limited to the first early years.  Alas, I was wrong.

My daughter has a good sick sense of humour, but when it comes to family identity issues, she gets a bit serious and sensitive.

I tried to help her as best I could, explaining, "It's best to do only Daddy's side of the family.  You can explain your family-tree starts with me because I was adopted."

That is how she created her project....

Blackmail within the system

Can you believe that DHS/Lawyers told my daughter that if she wanted to keep her surving 4mo. old twin that she had  to sign her rights over to her firstborn. When I questioned as to why this was I was told "that's just the system". Lovely huh.

Reviewing Jedd Medefind's response to "The Evangelical Adoption Crusade"

Christianity Today published a clever response to Kathryn Joyce's article, The Evangelical Adoption Crusade, published in The Nation, last week. The author of this response, Jedd Medefind, happens to be the executive director of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, a coalition of Christian churches and child placement organizations that act like the functioning heart-muscle behind the Evangelical adoption movement.

The most terrifiying "therapy" iv ever been thru

When I was 13 years old my parents an I flew out to colorado. Unbenounced to me I was going to go to therapy at the attachment center in evergreen colorado. My dr......neil feinburg. The first day I was there this man scared me worse than iv ever been scared in my whole life. He strattled me as I sat on the couch and screamed and yelled in my face. I was crying and begging for him to get off of me but he wouldnt. I cried for mama to get him off me because he was hurting and scaring me. But she wouldnt. This whole holding therapy is a bunch of BS!!!!

Nepal -- Some background to the documentary Paper Orphans

Some background to the TDH/Image Ark documentary Paper Orphans (PEAR Nepal)

The Terre des hommes/Image Ark documentary Paper Orphans was a major reason so many receiving countries suspended adoptions from Nepal.

Paper Orphans focuses on three NGOs -- Nepal Children's Organization (NCO/Bal Mandir), the Helpless Children Protection Home (HCPH), and the Education Centre for Helpless Children (ECHC).

Host an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program

 The introductory sentence reads benign enough:

If you’ve ever felt blessed for everyday things in life that are easy to take for granted, like family, you may appreciate the warm thoughts behind‘s Summer Miracles program.

[From:  Host an Orphaned Child this Summer, April 5, 2011 ]

"WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?"

I've decided it's time I start a series titled, "WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?"  because the ignorance and "look at me and all I can do" AP orientation really rocks and astounds me, the angry adoptee who wants to help stop the insanity that perpetuates in Adoptionland.

However, I want this series to be open to all who find items in websites and blogospheres that raise the back-hairs and push the pulse over the 130 mark.

Advertising in Adoptionland, via the Internet

I am a sucker when it comes to anything adoption-related.

I will read just about anything I can get on my computer screen, which means, if adoption is mentioned on the Internet, I'm going to take a look, because I want to see what's being sold to the public.

Today's complaint, (I have many.... as people can see in my blog-collection), has to do with the Internet, infant adoption, and those who wish to earn a little money through family-planning and parenting purchases.

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