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trying to get psychological treatment for children in foster care

past few weeks on other posts many people well Kerry and Bizzi had written about their experiences with mental heath treatment.

Life for my son, now 17 has pretty much been the same.

I current have dx him myself as "locked in a room by his birth mom for 7 years and then placed in foster care and then treated like crap at public schools syndrome" 

I call it for short "the system sucks disorder"  SSD

RAD blogs

The internet is littered with RAD blogs… sometimes I read them for sick twisted not fun , not interested, more of fascination of see how parent after parent is trapped into the RAD cult, without knowing. Sadly also is how often children end up in out of home care anyway. Where help never comes any way (more like the treatment Bizzi writes about) Here is one I recently ran across.  http://threesmithkids.blogspot.com/   I could provide a very long list if you gu

are kids in USA foster care really unwanted


link I found under the child law post

Sad, but I have been saying this for years....  even 14 year old boys who are African American have people wanted to adopt them.... 

Teen Mom

my heart goes out to the kids who gave their child away like that on the MTV show...  I have no idea why she is on the Teen Mom show because in a lot of ways she is not a mom now...  it just once again goes to show how messed up the system is... 

how a parent becomes part of the RAD cult

recently I've been pissed off about a story of adoption disruption out of Oklahoma for a number of reasons I really won't go into

but mostly I am just sick of how messed up the government is;

Odds are when a family is having trouble with a child in their home in the USA they will be told to go to RAD cult therapy; known by other things; but the RAD cult therapy kind of sums up our life experience with the crap (being held down on air mats for hours to cry about what ever sick reason we had for wanting to adopt a child anyway)

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