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Adoptee-run study

Participants needed for research study on international adoption

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Are you an international adoptee (or know an international adoptee) born abroad and adopted into a family from a different national, racial and cultural origin than your birth origin?

I am an international adoptee, adopted from Colombia, looking for potential research participants for a doctoral-level research study.

Re-evaluating Adoption: Validating the Local

Re-evaluating Adoption: Validating the Local
by Daniel Drennan

After it was reported that a French NGO named Arche de Zoé had attempted to airlift a planeload of children out of Chad for adoption in France, Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF, stated:

The Adoption Tax Credit: An Ethical Dilemma

from Fall 2007Adoptalk

by Joe Kroll, NACAC's Executive Director

Since 1997, many adoptive families have been able to use the federal adoption tax credit. The credit, however, is due to end in 2010 and some legislators are already proposing to extend the credit indefinitely. New evidence suggests that we must not renew the credit without first ensuring that it furthers the goal of promoting and supporting adoptions from foster care.

What the Numbers Tell Us

EU Marks Universal Children's Day

11/20/07 - EU Marks Universal Children's Day

November 20, 2007

real people, real grief

Video clips like these should be mandatory viewing for prospective infant adopters.
Good Bye

Real Women

Thoughts on Placement

At the inception of all placements are placed thoughts ... 

"You have nothing to offer this baby" (not even me? ... I must be of no worth to my child)

"Your baby needs a mother AND a father" (read: adoptive parents)

"Welfare is a dead end for you and your baby" (as if the mother would need such assistance interminably)


Game for adoptees, fosterees...

Book announcement: The STORK MARKET:


America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry

by Mirah Riben

Foreword by Evelyn Robinson

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