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In Memoriam

I just found out my natural mom died, just a few days ago. I never met her again after our separation, over forty years ago. For a long time I didn't want to meet her, until I started having second thoughts, only last year. Right now it is too late to ever meet her. My own indecision has decided for me. Today I'd like to dedicate my thoughts to the woman who gave birth to me and honour her with my gratitude of giving me life.

Being razed on an Ant Farm

Contrary to many adoptees I've met, I know where I come from, I've always known where I come from. I am the product of a within-the-family-adoption. I was born September 9, 1965 in The Hague. So much for the verifiable facts, the rest is part truth, part legend, part fact.

My birth parents had been married for about 10 years and already had two children, a son 10 years older and a daughter 5 years older than me (fact). Their marriage hadn't been going well and being the sixties they started experimenting with the notion of free love (legend).

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