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Easter House files moved to DCFS

When late March we wrote an update about the businesses of Seymour Kurtz, we could not have foreseen how quickly the information we presented would be outdated. Almost immediately after the publication we heard that Kurtz' offices had allegedly been raided by the FBI and later this summer we got news his agencies "Easter House", "Adoption World" and "Birth Hope" had finished operations.

Yesterday we received information that the Easter House records have been handed over to the Illinois Department for Children and Family Services. Those who want to find out more can call DCFS: 1-847-298-9096 ext 29.

Whatever happened to the safety part of the Adoption and Safe Family Act

When President Clinton in 1997 signed the Adoption and Safe Family Act (ASFA) into law, there were three national goals for children in the child welfare system: safety, permanence and well-being. Now eleven years later it's fair to conclude that permanence, without being all that successful, given the number of children in foster care, has received most of the attention.

What the campaigns say about child placement issues

With less than a month to go and some people still having to make up there mind, I'd like to use the opportunity to present what the campaigns of the republican and the democrat candidates have to say about child placement.

The two campaigns address very different issues. The McCain campaign does not address foster care at all and the Obama campaign doesn't address adoption at all, so it is very difficult to weigh the campaigns based upon the issue of child placement.

The economics of adoption

Despite an alphabet soup of titles, Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, Ed.D., LCSW, LMFT, seems to be completely out of touch with reality. Of course one cannot expect a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (I admit I had look that one up), to have any understanding of economics, then why make the claim to have any knowledge on the subject.

That's not change, that's more of the same

On September 1, 2008, the bilateral agreement on international adoption between Vietnam and the United States expired and for now all adoptions from Vietnam have been suspended. A good situation one might say. Neither the US nor France for that matter, ever had any good reason to be in Vietnam and whenever they did, disaster followed.

Adoption, Child traficking and the Orphan issue

In the last couple of weeks many articles appeared in the various news papers about child trafficking for the purpose of interternational adoption in India.

A sincere apology to [censored], former CEO of AMREX

Today I received an email from censored, the former executive director of Genesis Adoption and former CEO of AMREX. Supposedly censored didn't want to be mentioned in the the factual information we wrote about her activities and the organizations she had worked for.

This is what she wrote:


When I first asked my adoptive parents why they didn't have children of their own, they told me they couldn't get children of their own. I don't know if they used the word "infertility", I was too young anyway to understand five syllable words at the time. Had there not been more to it, I would have never heard and probably would never have asked.

Before the escape

The escape took place on August 12th 1989, which happened to be a Saturday. The day before that I had returned from holidays. I had been to France with a friend of mine. Now that had been a first time for me. Up till then I had only spent the holidays with my parents, but that time around I had managed to have holidays just for me. This I had deserved.

The Romanian battlefield for children

In many of the discussions I follow on the internet, the Romanian situation keeps returning when talking about banning inter-country adoption. Not so much by those that oppose inter-country adoption as an example of a successful ban, but quite to the contrary, by proponents of inter-country adoption as a failed attempt.

The arguments used by proponents usually take two forms, either they address the abandonment figures, or the situation of disabled children.


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