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Child of the swinging sixties

A child of the swinging 60s’
a mother all alone,
no one to offer any help
and a father marked unknown.

However, could she keep her child?
When all around screamed shame,
society frowned upon it
and along adoption came.

A problem to correct
decisions for them to make,
unfit, unwed mother
give birth for them to take.

Middle class wealthy family
the balance seems just right,
rid the shameless mother
leave her nothing left to fight.

Love me just once

Strangled twisted roots
Preventing all potential,
Won’t someone give a damn?
Stop me going mental.

Hold me in your arms
Give me some direction,
Shattered fragile mind
Starved of all affection.

Life is just a journey
A long winding road,
Someone please protect me
From the unrelenting cold.

The sky without birds
The sea without fish,
A heart with no beat
Is all that I wish.

I ache to be loved
For someone to care,
What have I done?
To have no one there.

Was I born bad?
My mothers curse,
Tormented and empty
Could I feel any worse?

Pray give me hope
A reason to be,
Free from this pain
Happy with me
Love me just once
That’s all I ask,
To face the world
Discarding my mask.


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