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Sahayla - Forever the Princess

The sun went in

the clouds came out


I heard the silence shout

I lay on the beech

I closed my eyes

the whistling wind

carried my cries

Along the shore

footprints in sand

I drift back in time

Forever at peace

Go push your trolley

Down the grocery aisle

As they drag their cart

For the bodies that pile


Go feed the ducks

With yesterdays bread

As they look for their children

Amongst the dead

Just a Ramble

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. A page from my life

It was in my first year juniors when I heard the word adoption. Adoption, a word that has followed me like a bad smell ever since!

Permission to Forgive

This is for you
the mother who lied,
who cradled a glass
Instead of your child.

You ask me to forgive
for the life, you let pass by,
a life of mere existence
for a child who didn’t cry.

Did you ignore?
Or perhaps not care
if she woke in the dark
to find you not there.

A lonely child
with a silent voice,
to care for you
her only choice.

No words of love
No warm embrace,
an empty heart
and a tear stained face.

To make me whole

To make me whole
I need to know
From where I came
What made me so?

Something is missing
It’s not in my mind
A life times search
My core to find

I knew I was different
Not like the rest
As a growing child

do you ever think of me

Do you ever think of me?
Do you really care?
With every waking memory
I see your evil stare

You saw me as an object
Your needs you satisfied
Did you never look at me
And see a frightened child

When you went your merry way
Did it ever cross your mind
No longer in my presence
But scars were left behind

I am no more that frightened child
The one you said had lied and lied
Through life's journey I have grown
With loving children of my own


Another door
Another bed
Papers to shuffle
Go rest your head

Another day
Another place
Another child
A different face

Long-term short term
Hard to place
Forget the name
Another case

Targets budgets
Paid to cope
Another home
Give words of hope
Childhood lives
Lost in wait
Reasons for change
In the welfare state

kerry for you

Here you go Kerry, couldnt resist it! dont say i never give you anything!

kerrys pic

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