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Behind Closed Doors

Over the past week I have been asking everyone I know one question. What is child trafficking? Everyone knew it was illegal, few actually knew why it was illegal and ashamed as I am to say it a few even said they weren't interested! The lack of interest rightly or wrongly mainly stemmed from the image they had of illegal trafficking.

Roller coaster

I seem to live my life in  loop mode of a roller c

Think the Unthinkable

Buyer's be aware

Love without adoption

I have a 16 year old Godson and he has lived with me and my 3 kids since his mum (my best and longest friend) hung herself on his 13th birthday. Ceejay has a dad who loves him to bits but sadly he fell apart after losing Ceejays mum and so as a temporary measure Ceejay came to live with us. That temporary measure turned out to be permanent. I have legal guardianship of him (needed if ever he needed medical attention and the likes) and he sees his dad whenever he wants (usually on a payday haha). They have a great relationship even though Ceejay chose to carry on living with me.

Miracle my ass!

Take one healthy child,
negotiate a price
scrub away the grime
call it something nice

When it starts to talk
make sure that it's polite
and when it calls you mother
be sure to say 'that's right'

Send it to a good school
the best that you can find
what a lucky bastard
to have a mum so kind

That God blessed little miracle
is a fucked up fairy tale
since when did any miracle
come with a bill of sale

All credibility gone

Over the past week an msn group members discussed a new site they wanted to set up. The member whose idea it was said it would be a board for people to say whatever they wanted to other people with no come back. All the replies showed great enthusiasm and suggestions of what they intended to do. They all expressed glee at the anonymous email address and the fact IP addresses would be impossible to trace. The site is now set up. How will anyone take the UK and its adoption issues serious when such a big group like Forgotten Mothers are the people behind such irresponsible behaviour.

Shall we buy one...

This is soooo funny! You can actually buy a CD: adoption volume 1 the songs we love. Hysterical. the songs include I Knew I Loved You - Jenee Wright Prince / by Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones/WB Music Corp.

2. From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours - Linsey Brinkerhoff / by Michael McLean/Shining Star Music, Inc.

3. Blessed - Rob Gardner / by Elton John & Bernie Taupin/WB Music Corp.

4. Silent Lullaby - Clarissa Dane / by Clarissa Dane

a new word

The touched by adoption post got me thinking (oh my head hurts haha). What a stupid pathetic lame saying. It is something a saint would say seeing and believing adoption is a truly beautiful thing. Get real. When I think of the word touched I think touched by an angel (god I love that program) or 'touched' in the head, a scouse saying for someone who is nuts, the gentle brush of a butterflies wing in the summer time.

There must be a better word than touched... I need to think

catch me if you can

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