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Eugenics and the affect on adoption

Have any of adoptee’s ever had an adoptive family member or as in my case a step-adoptive family member use the sick perverted Eugenic theory to encourage others to think badly about you?

Is my case unique?

The Nuts and Bolts of an Adoption Home Study contd.6


Some Final Notes

The Nuts and Bolts of an Adoption Home Study contd.5

If You Already Have Children

The Nuts and Bolts of an Adoption Home Study contd.4


There probably will be several interviews, perhaps one or two in the agency office and at least one in your home. You will discuss the topics addressed in your autobiographical statement, and the social worker will ask any questions necessary to clarify what you have written. In the case of couples, some agency workers conduct all the interviews jointly, with husband and wife together. Others will conduct both joint and individual interviews.

The Nuts and Bolts of an Adoption Home Study contd.

Autobiographical Statement

The autobiographical statement can be intimidating, but it is essentially the story of your life. Most agencies have a set of guidelines that detail the kind of information they require to assist you in writing the autobiography, and others have the worker assist you directly. You may be asked to describe who reared you and their style of child rearing, how many brothers and sisters you have, and where you are in the birth order.

The Nuts and Bolts of an Adoption Home Study

There is no set format that adoption agencies use to conduct home studies. They must follow the general regulations of their State, but they have the freedom to develop their own application packet, policies, and procedures within those regulations. Some agencies will have prospective parents attend one or several group orientation sessions or a series of training classes before they complete an application. Others will have their social worker start by meeting with family members individually and then ask that they attend educational meetings later on.

My adoption story AKA: "We ain't in Kansas anymore Toto contd."

Amom's disappointment over my lack of "feminine qualities" became worse and involve more of my missing qualities the older i got. Her reactions to my faux pas would become even more confusing and painful as well. 

My adoption story AKA: "We aint in Kansas anymore Toto"


My name is Loujean Stauffer AKA Babygirlmona. Mona was the alias my mother used at Volunteers of America while she was there. When I got my non- identifying information everything that was in there was completely different from what my AP were told. I have concluded since then that most of the story my AP told me had been made up by my AM any way as a ruse to get me interested in things she enjoyed.

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