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Call for participation

Documentary film on Illegal Adoption is looking for adoptees.

The documentary explores illegal adoptions (black market adoptions, unethical adoptions, coerced adoptions, kidnappings, etc.) both in the United States and internationally.

User profiles

Over the last week we have added better looking and more interesting user profiles to PPL.

Adult aftermath

Upon request we created a new group called "Adult Aftermath", which is dedicated to uncensored private discussions about abuse in adoptive/foster families. 

The posts in this group are visible to members of that group only. Subscription is possible through manager-approval only.

A Gentle Introduction to PPL

Pound Pup Legacy aims to be a web-resource on child-placement, neglect, abandonment, abuse and it's influence on  the personal lives of those involved and society at large. As such we are collecting and creating content related to these subjects.

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