Holt International Children's Services Inc.

One of the oldest American adoption agency, established mid-1950s by Harry and Bertha Holt for adoptions from Korea.

Today, Holt International is is the largest adoption agency, having imported 40,000 children into the United States.

Harry & Bertha Holt's adoption business was founded Oct-12-1956 as ORPHAN'S FOUNDATION FUND, INC. which changed  it's name on Jan-5-65 to Holt Adoption Program, Inc

Holt International Children Services was founded Apr-30-1971 as HOLT INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S FUND, INC. It's name was changed Mar-4-1975.

Organization type: Adoption Agency
Denomination: Christian
Founded: 1971-04-30


1195 City View
Eugene, Oregon, 97402
United States
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Parent topics: Adoption agencies
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